Say ‘Happy Birthday’ By Sending the Birthday Special Flowers Only


Flowers speak a thousand words, indeed! Whether you wish to extend your hand of friendship to a person with whom you have fought badly, or send a warm wish to a new mother, or take the opportunity to say ‘I Love You’ after a few months of silence – flowers can really do the wonder for you.

But, where most of the people make a mistake is by choosing a flower that is not suitable for any particular occasion. Every flower has a meaning. For instance, you cannot send 100 red roses, creating a love sign to a person who is struggling for his life in the hospital.

Similarly, the best experienced florist in Melbourne has segregated some flowers perfect for wishing someone in birthdays. Get to know about some of these birthday special flowers you can send someone on their upcoming birthdays.

  • Lily

Lily is possibly the most preferred flower among the choices of birthday flowers that people usually send to their friends and families during this special occasion.

Lilies are not only pretty, but these flowers carry a positive vibe and represent happiness. And, the best part of choosing lilies as your birthday gift is you can send this bunch of flowers to your friend, sister, your mum and even grandma.

  • Rose

Well, this flower certainly doesn’t need any special introduction. Available in various colours and bouquet styles, roses are not only the perfect pick for valentine’s day but for birthdays as well. While red signifies the romantic love, passion and beauty, yellow, on the other hand, speaks for friendship and joy. You can also pick pink roses as a birthday gift as the colour stands for happiness and appreciation.

  • Sunflower

If you want to send something common yet different, you can go for sunflower. The bright and yellow charm of the sunflowers is sure to bring in a joyous smile on the face of the receiver.

Did you know what the bright yellow sunflowers signify? These flowers stand for loyalty, adoration and longevity. Usually, sunflowers are considered as happy flowers, and it is sure to make your loved one happy on their birthday.

Final Words

The smartest idea is always to go with a combo bouquet of flowers while choosing the birthday flowers for same day delivery in Sydney. You can add some carnations, other seasonal blooms and foliage to the bouquet for making it look more exciting and appealing. Remember that the right colour combination of the flowers will create a striking impression on the receiver. You can add some extra touches too by sending a teddy bear or a vase and even a glass of red wine also.




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