Seal Your Exits- Preventing Water Penetration & Condensation in Your Home!


  • Is your home protected against the elements?
  • Do you face water/damp penetration or condensation issues frequently?
  • Does your existing weatherproof coating allow your walls to breathe by allowing the water vapour to escape?

If so, the chances are that it is time to give your exterior wall coating as nice rendering makeover.

Rendering safeguards your home walls (exterior and interior) from the harsh weather exposure. It keeps your old walls from developing cracks which eventually lead to mildew and mould accumulation. And if you want a decor finish which not only corrects faults and levels your masonry but also beautifies it- then a good render finish is your best bet.

Old properties or areas in need of refurbishment need sufficient protection. They tend to be more prone to condensation or cracks forming on its surface because its previous ventilation/condensation dynamics doesn’t suffice.

You can prevent all this by appointing a trustworthy rendering service in Brunswick and request them to cover up your defective masonry with a quality render cover.

Charlie Paine- a resident of the same area, says:

“I used cement render (approximately at 20-25mm thickness) to cover up my defective masonry, and it actually exacerbated the risk of water seepage through particular openings.”

However, to keep your walls safe from the issue of wind-driven rain you need to focus more on the coat mix, the quality of the render and polymer content and the mixing approach of the rendering contractor.

This issue of windblown rain infiltrating your home walls and further reducing its strength and performance can prove to be your worse nightmare. In severe wind-driven rain situations, it will approximately take:

  • Min of 2-hours to cross 8mm of render finish
  • Min of 5-hours to penetrate 12mm render finish
  • And min of 7-hours to seep into an 18mm render coat.

But, this can vary depending on the quality and type of rendering done on the facade.

Example– A quality 15mm render thick coat applied directly to your property wall using a modernistic factory-produced polymer-altered render like Monoblanco and Parex Monorex can withstand continual rain for 5-hours. But after that, the water will start to seep into the masonry surface.  

It is why you need to take some time and access about what rendering coat would protect your dull looking exterior walls against condensation and water seepage. For a better idea ask a notable rendering service provider in East Melbourne and seal all possible cracks and exits.

Before applying the suitable rendering coat, they will invigilate your property condition, and depending on that will pick the right option for you.



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