Sheet Metal Specifications That You Must Know


There are a number of uses of sheet metal. Right from heating to application in AC ducts and a variety of usage of sheet metal are there among the fabricators in the industry. There will be bending and welding part to create specific functionality in a product made of sheet metal.

What is Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is a very thin and flexible piece of steel. The metal steel is quite unpredictable, as it has a great variability based on the impurities, perfections and yielding. For example, sheet metal with label A36 denotes 36000 psi yielding strength and 0.0075 thickness. With such labelling, it becomes easy for the fabricators to choose the right sheet metal for their job and make some strong structures out of it. However, it is a fact to remember that A36 label means it has at least 36000 psi and may vary up to 41000 psi, so the fabricators have to make their choices more cautiously. And a knowledgeable fabricator is more likely to produce the uniform pieces of products without a lot of variations and weakness.

Bend Allowance of Sheet Metal

To fabricate the sheet metal, professionals need to go through a number of calculations that can affect the output of the final product. For example, when it comes to fabricating sheet metal enclosures, you need to clamp and bend the metal. The key is to understand when to bend and how much you need to bend. Inadequate bending can cause an improper fit. Before bending the sheet metal, you have to consider both the design and layout of the flat surface. Based on the bend allowance, vendors for Sheet Metal Supply Near Redcliffe consider the metal thickness, the K-factor, bending angle and the radius inside. However, there is nothing to confuse the bending capacity with the deductable part, i.e., while bending, your sheet metal will stretch which shouldn’t be counted.

Measuring and Cutting

For the right precision, it is necessary to take the right measurement. This is especially true if you are dealing with sheet metal, as there is no such software to forecast how sheet metal will react in various conditions. Based on steel composition, temperature and cutting method, there can be different reactions while cutting sheet metal. With proper measurement, it will save not only time but also the effort to get the right cuts at the first attempt.

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