Should You Pressure Wash Your Office Exterior? A Brief Discourse


Pressure washing makes a quick and satisfying work blasting away the gunk. Whether to clean the walkways or stripping the old paint from the deck- nothing matches the power of such a cleaning mechanism. But just because your neighbour pulled out a pressure washer, doesn’t mean you have to follow the suit. However, if done by the professionals, pressure washing can be incredibly beneficial for you.

How pressure washing work: When used at proper levels, pressure washing can clean grime, stains, bird droppings etc. around your office premises. It improves curb appeal, and makes you happy to come home. Moreover, pressure washing removes mildew and mould that grows within the wall. Commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane prepare a surface for repainting, clean decks and railings at medium pressure; concrete driveways, metal patio furniture and stone at high-pressure.

What are the areas pressure washing covers: According to some reports that talk about how much pressure each washer produce. Well, it pounds per square inch and washer with high PSI scores high in this regard. For example, when it comes to stripping out the old paint, washer model with higher pressure output tend to perform better. Here is the list of areas that may need you to pressure wash.

  • Deck: Hardwood decks have the resistance power to hold up the water pressure. Even, decks made of pressure treated wood are also ok to use, provided, nozzles are not much close to the surface. Moreover, not all deck need pressure cleaning, since brands like TimberTech or Trex resist staining and can be cleaned with high scrubbing.
  • Roof: You may find it tempting since pressure washing can be used to blast away the algae and moss. However, in some cases, the pressure washer loosens the roof shingles. So, hiring office cleaning services in Brisbane will be the best option available to get the roof clean according to the present situation.
  • Concrete driveway: Concrete driveway can withstand the powerful cleaning without the concern for over-etching. Generally, finer nozzle provides a more powerful and effective cleaning of grease, stains. For mild-dew covered cement, you can use low-pressure cleaning.
  • Siding: Vinyl siding can withstand the can typically withstand the pressure washing. The same goes for fibre cement siding. Moreover, the aluminium siding can dent, so it is recommended to start with the lowest pressure setting with a broad nozzle. However, when using the pressure washer to clean siding, you may need to prevent water from being trapped between the siding and your home sheathing. Since the moisture further may cause mould.

Pressure washers come with nozzles from 0-degree to 40-degree. Higher the degree, better the spray pattern will be. Cleaning Companies Brisbane have professional with a better idea of how pressure washing work for a certain area and take up necessary protection while cleaning.



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