Signs Your Leather Jacket Should Be Altered and Not Replaced


A leather jacket points out to one of the most important investments a person makes.

Here is where you get a little (or greatly) worried when the dress does not fit you properly.

You obviously start reckoning to get another one. But that may require big bikkies.

Here is where you’re thinking wrong. When your dream leather jacket doesn’t fit you properly, then the worst thing to do about it is thinking about not using it and buying a new one.

Well, the best thing to do to it is to ‘alter’ it. This blog will tell you few of the signs of leather jacket inappropriateness, which can effortlessly be fixed by leather or Fast Suit Alteration Tailors in Sydney for their surprising level of expertise. You just need to trust on them.

  1. Loosened Waistline

If the waistline is loose or it got loosened over time, then the jacket doesn’t make you feel snugger, right? Don’t worry. Professional tailors would make the lining at the waist proper so that you get that bonzer tightness.

  1. Improper Shoulder Seams

When the seam at the shoulder goes over or downwards from your shoulders, then there may exist some faults in measurement. Seams over the shoulder pull the sleeves upward. Seams again going downward helps in making the jacket look bigger. Tell your pro tailor to solve the problem ASAP.

  1. The Length…Well…Seems Long

The length of the jacket can make or break the style statement you want to carry by wearing it. Long jackets don’t look like jackets but leather coats or overcoats. Shorten it according to your height by professional tailors.

  1. The Sleeves Are Again Long Too

Long sleeves cover the palm and fingers as well. Your tailor from Leather Clothing Alterations in Sydney will prefer creasing the elbow area of the jacket a bit in the time of shortening the sleeves though. This is to prevent the bunching up of the leather in that part of the jacket that may appear with the said work.

Some More Words

Just keep in mind that you need a professional tailor to do all this. The pro will help you out effectively. But you must get in touch with a reputable brand.

Time to make your leather jacket fit you according to your own ways!



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