‘Slip Into Your Comfy Casual Shoe’- Buyer’s Guide For A Perfect Pair


An old quote says that every person listens to that little voice in the mind that says “BUY THE PAIR OF SHOES”. With the availability of different types of shoes, a person can select the one that goes perfectly with style. A study shows that there is always shoe o’clock at some part of the globe. An avid shoe lover says, “You would know that you are a shoe addict when you will always find space for the new pair”.



Shoes are one of the essential accessories that are always going to be the deciding factor when it comes to enhancing the look. In case, the outfit is not going to be that fine; then the shoes are always going to jazz up the style and make your dressing interesting. Be it a year-end party, birthday bash, or wedding ceremony, a pair of shoes will add a star to the dressing. The following are some of the important considerations that need to be done when it comes to buying the right pair of casual shoes-


  • Pairing with the Right Dress


It is where the difference lies when it comes to the casual shoe and the formal one. The type of suit, blazer, or jacket you wear them define the kind of footwear you should choose. The different shoe store in Melbourne have with them a large, comprehensive stock of stylish footwear. Therefore, for the buyers- STICK TO THE BASICS.


For the Party:


There are several options to give a try when it comes to attending a party. Fashion designers are of the opinion that a pair of moccasins and tassel or a loafer goes perfectly well. In addition to this, the boat shoes can also be given a try.


  • Buying Footwear Keeping Climate in Mind


As a shopper, you need to keep in mind the local climate in mind as well. It greatly influences the type of casual shoes in Melbourne. For the climate like that of Melbourne, a pair of sneaker or roper boots can be a great choice.


  • Move out of the Shell of Being Traditional


It’s time to move out of the comfort zone and try something new. Look more stylish and fancier with boat shoes. Pair it with rolled up chinos, blazer or a linen jacket.


  • Step into the World of Colours


Experts suggest sticking to the colours that are always going to be in trend. Brown, beige, black and navy blue are some of the colours that do not limit the use and functionality.




The above mentioned are some of the things that need to be considered while buying the right pair of casual shoes for the occasion.



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