Smart Hacks to Make your Eyebrows Look Thicker than Ever at Home


No matter how much eye makeup you put on, without sharp, thick and defined pair of brows, it will always appear to be incomplete. Most of the women believe that it is all in the hands of eyebrow threading specialist to get the desired shape. Yes, eventually, they may get it done for you. However, when you have a thin line of brows, you need something else.

A little research regarding the issue may direct you towards eyebrow tinting to add the desired volume to your brows. However, there are some simple home hacks that you can put to use to make sure your brows appear to be thick and defined without much effort.

So, here are some easy to go with brow hacks for you that you can put to use.

  • Use a Brow Brush

To make sure that your eyebrow hair is spread evenly, you need to use a brow brush to start with. Go online and shop for the Poni Cosmetics Pro Brow Brush that has double-layered and helps you to get perfect brows daily. Even if you have a thin and shapeless eyebrow, this brush will pull the hairline together and give you the perfect shape.

  • Use a Brow Pencil

Brow pencils are equally effective when it comes to making your eyebrows look fuller and darker than before. However, rushed strokes of this pencil can make things more complicated and end you up with an uneven colour distribution. That will look odd! So, it’s always a wise decision to check the tutorials of application minutely before start using one.

  • Use a Brow Gel Pen

If you want to have a more effective result, use a brow gel pen instead. Well, as per the experts, these gel based brow pens have an added advantage that the pencils do not have and that is the ink is waterproof.

So, be it sweat or water, once applied, your eyebrows will look as fuller as it was in the morning. Buy the Pixi Beauty Endless Brow Gel Pen available in reliable online stores and fill sparse areas of your unruly brows effectively. Just be gentle with the strokes to get the best effect.

So, these are some of the hacks that you ought to follow for the beautifully shaped defined eyebrows.



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