Some Handy Information about Plastic Pallets to Clear your Doubts


It’s important to have the duck’s guts of anything that you are going to buy for business purpose. It’s an investment of course, and you certainly don’t want your money to go down the gurgler. Let’s focus on something that is quite an investment for industrial sectors, and that is plastic pallets.

Plastic Pallets are far better than Wooden Pallets

It’s been as long as a wet weekend since professionals have discarded the use of wooden pallets and there are some solid reasons for that too. You don’t want the pallets to break down or damaged too easily which the wooden pallets certainly face. Moreover, the export and import businesses are in need of specially designed plastic pallets for export goods. The wooden pallets are not at all resistant to chemical spills or wear and tear of frequent usage.

So, the moral of the story is you need plastic pallets for keeping things appropriately stacked and also to transport goods. But, that is not enough information while you are ready for investment. Let’s give you some of the most crucial insights about plastic pallets that you often ignore.

  • How much weight can the plastic pallets take?

The weight carried by plastic pallets is usually measured by pounds. The weight any standard plastic pallet can take is 4,600 lbs. Interestingly, it is equivalent to the weight of an adult male rhinoceros. The wooden pallets are nowhere close to that of course.

  • How many plastic pallets can you stack together?

According to the experts, you can stack at least 20-25 standard plastic pallets together in a row that sums up to the height of 15 feet. Make sure you purchase only the superior quality plastic pallets for racking in Melbourne if you are buying those just for stacking purpose.

  • Is it right to pull the plastic pallets for moving?

According to the expert manufacturers and suppliers of plastic pallets, you need to push the pallets instead of pulling the pallet jacks as pulling can lead to an uncontrolled situation, and things can fell on your head.

  • How many pallets can you fit in a 48 feet trailer?

The weight limit of a standard 48 feet trailer is 44,000 lbs, and if each of the pallets weighs around 2200 lbs, the number of pallets you can fit in the truck is 20. Don’t cause overload to avoid unwanted mishaps.

So, these are some crucial information about plastic pallets you need to keep in mind which purchasing a set.



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