Some Problems That Resistive Load Banks Develop and Their Plausible Causes


Load banks are meant to evaluate the load-bearing capacity of generators and other power back up equipment and gauge their performance in case of the power outage and other issues. Now what happens, if the load banks develop snags? Yes, they do develop snags and they are taken into account and rectified at the earliest by pros concerned. Here on this page, we discuss a few snags that resistive loadbanks show up and the causes behind them.

Nonfunctional Load Bank Motor

At times, when you switch on the unit, the controls would light up, but the fan refuses to function. Besides, the control may also indicate a snag in the fan cooler with the fan operating for a brief period and then shutting off.


  • This may happen when the circuit breaker trips in certain models or the fuse blows out in some others.
  • The control power of the fan is either not available or is incorrect
  • The flow of the air in and out of the fan area either stops or gets somehow restricted

The Test Meters Not Operating Properly

At times, the test meters of the load banks might show incorrect values or will run blank or do not turn at all.


  • This may be caused by the wrong position of the meter voltage selector switch
  • Or the cables being connected to the wrong phase

Loads Steps Refuse to be Energised

Sometimes, you may find that the load bank is unable to attain the desired capacity for the test and the load cannot be applied when one or multiple steps are engaged.


  • It might be that the load element of the bank has burnt out
  • The fuse for the particular effective load steps has blown out.

Controls Indicating Load Overvoltage Error

In this case, you will notice automatic removal of the load from the test without the intervention of the operator, with the load controls indicating a series of overvoltage error.


  • It can happen when you have accidentally or wrongfully applied incorrect voltage or load source to the load bank.
  • It also takes place when the voltage selector of the load bank has been set for an incorrect voltage of the load source.

Thus you see, these are some of the most common issues that may develop in a load bank. That is why it is important to hire load banks from a reputable company.  It has two-pronged benefits. Firstly, the banks are of superior quality and do not develop snag that often. Secondly and more importantly, these companies hire out load banks with qualified technicians who would instantly take care of the issue in case of a snag, and quickly rectify it.



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