Some Red Flags Related to Home and Property Inspections


Home dampening or problems associated to the slope are few red flags. This blog presents some red flags that will keep you safe at the time of home or nay property inspections:

Grading Issues:

One of the most common issues associated with property inspections is the sloping or the grading of the home or the property, as this is likely to affect the drainage of the property. Some common red flags associated with the property grading are as follows:

  • Moist areas or quadrangles that is too close to the housing property.
  • Presence of the sloping towards the house
  • Presence of puddles or other low lying areas in close vicinity of the property
  • Or if the surrounding yard is too flat

The property inspector keeps a keen eye on such grading as the property might witness water logging or clogged drains at the monsoon season!

Structural Problems:

The structural problems are quite common when it comes to the property inspection in Perth. They usually top the list of property inspections red flags. These problems include: cracked foundation, damaged or load bearing walls and other similar problems that must be taken into serious consideration. You being the owner might not know of such faults or problems, but it is the property inspectors who keep a keen eye on such detailing or faults. Other common issues are bumps in the basement floor or even the misaligned porch or front steps!

Presence of Mold:

Nobody likes living in dampened areas or the areas where molds have made their housing. These molds are often the main problem behind the buying or selling of homes. With the air being so polluted, a lot of us and our children get prone to various respiratory ailments. So in such circumstance it will not be feasible for you to buy a home that has molds in it as well as selling of such properties is also problematic. This problem can be improved only when there is mold accumulation due to lack of proper ventilation.

Whether it’s the buying or selling of homes, your home inspections in Perth will be done by highly vigilant inspectors. So it is important to prepare from the beginning and keep track of all the loopholes that you might be facing during such inspections. Few are fixable issues while the other are quite detrimental and must be avoided at all costs.



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