Some Unique Designs That Contemporary Granny Flats Should Be Built With


It is not possible to reconstruct your house or rooms for your ageing parents. Say, you have 2 children and three rooms and you still live with your parents. It is advisable to use the existing rooms for yourself and your kids, as they can accommodate in the existing room layout, while constructing a granny flat for your parents according to their convenience and comfort!

A lot of granny flat builders of Adelaide suggests the need to construct them as it is a good investment and a comfortable space for your dear parents. Have a look at the following unique design ideas that will make contemporary granny flats at good quotations:

  • Aging bodies need such homes where you can move freely and have close by connected rooms namely bathroom, kitchen and washrooms; it is not practically possible for them to climb stairs to use bathrooms or the rest rooms. Also if they are in a wheelchair then a granny flat is their dire need. Also not only their parents but also if their child has any physical disability restricting movement, then such low lying designs are ideal for independent living. The doorways have comfortable spacing and allow freedom of movement. 
  • Make use of slip resistant varieties and design the bedding and toilet seats according to the height and convenience. Plan the layout for ease of movement as with arm sticks and wheelchairs it becomes difficult to move with your will. 
  • Make sure that the pathways from the garage or the footpath are properly built and accessible for wheelchairs and specially abled or pregnant women. You cannot change the entire layout of your house but construct the granny flat with all proper measures such as comfortable flooring and low lying cabinets. It is important to keep the kitchen cabinets at a low height as for elderly it is not possible to reach for high things due to their stooped structure.
  • You must allow ample spaces between the hallways to ease proper space for better motion. Your bathrooms must be slip resistant in order to avoid accidents at any cost. Use taps and other equipment that are not complex but easy to use.

Granny flats offer space and a sense of freedom leading to independent living of your parents. It is beneficial for you as well as your parents as both of you get private space for living. A unique feature of granny Flat of Adelaide is that they are portable and can be detached.



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