Some Very Pertinent Questions And Answers Related To Lash Lifting


If you are one of those who shoots a barrage of questions to the beautician before having their eyelashes lifted and tinted, that is not something demeaning. On the contrary, it underlines your awareness and cautiousness to make sure that the beautician who will be performing the task is an able and expert one. Besides, it also gives you a clear idea about the entire procedure.

Here are some of the questions and their respective answers you need to have before you go ahead.

What it, after all, lash lifting?

This is the very first question that you need to ask to get an absolute crystal clear idea about what lash lifting is. The process is an alternative to extending lashes and application of falsies to get that curling effect of the lashes.

While the less expensive methods involve the application of perm and at times, a solution of ammonia, the more fancied Yumi lash lift with eyelash tint techniques of Brisbane would include a special keratin treatment procedure, which enhances the natural lashes through a process of raising the lash hairs and then curling them.

How can the shape and the lift be customised?

This particular treatment offers you three options of shield size. The expert will examine and evaluate the length of your lash hairs along with the shape of your eyes, to determine the look that will suit you the best.

What is the method of preparing before the session?

Any experienced beautician will advise you not to use any waterproof mascara and any eyelash curler, at least 3 days before the appointment. This will ensure that your lashes remain relaxed as well as dry. This makes sure the lash technicians of Brisbane attending you, can yield the best results.

How long does it take to lift and tint your eyelashes?

This is another very pertinent question that should cross your mind. Now, this is an intricate process, and any expert beautician would take an hour or a little more than that, to be done with the process.  However, this depends upon whether you are going to have only lash lifting or lash lifting and tinting. In case you have tinting, it will take an extra 15 minutes or so.

So this should clear all the confusion and give you a thorough idea about lash lifting and tinting.



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