Sports Massage – Is It Really So Beneficial?


With thousands of sports enthusiasts in Sydney, Sports Massage has become an integral part of many peoples’ training regimen. There are many benefits from having a regular treatment including,  improve training and performance, reduce injuries, lessen recovery time. Professional treatments are no longer seen as a luxury, but rather as an integral part of training. We have the science to back it up and we have a long tradition of people enjoying the benefits of sports massage.

Reduction Of Injuries In Athletes

Injuries are an important consideration for the amateur, semi-professional and professional athlete.

They can impair performance, disrupt training and cause setbacks in progress. At worst, they can cause on-going issues and even result in not pursuing the sport. Restricted movement, aches and pains can all persist after injury. This is why our sports massage therapists in our Sydney clinic encourage the enthusiasts to seek out treatments in order to help prevent and or treat injuries and reduceinjury recovery time.

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Prevention Always Better

It’s worth specifically focusing on the injury-preventative side of Massage Therapy. As mentioned above, injuries can cause havoc and anything that has the potential to minimise an injury, is an advantage for sure. For this reason, sports massage in our Sydney clinic is very popular: Improving mobility of joints and integrity of muscles, reducing tension and stress, increasing blood flow which floods the muscle cells with nutrients while removing toxins. All of this can help to prevent injuries or if there is an injury, the damage may be lessened.

The Science Can Help You

In 2012, Science Translational Medicine published an article “Massage therapy attenuates inflammatory signalling after exercise-induced muscle damage” by Justin D Crane 1, et al. The study showed numerous positive effects form massage after exercise induced muscle trauma, including mitochondrial biogenesis signalling and reducing inflammation – both really good things to have post exercise.

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the body, converting nutrients into energy and thereby help in improving the overall functioning of the muscles and the anti-inflammatory effects of massage help muscles to work more efficiently as well.

The sports massage therapist in our Sydney clinic understands the science behind massage and this is one of the reasons you will receive an outstanding treatment, taking advantage of tried and tested massage techniques as well as utilising scientific research.



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