Spray Tanning Facts – Helping You Get Your Concepts Clear


Spray Tan AdelaideSo you see a friend who is back from a beach holiday with a tanned body, and you intend to get one for yourself? Sitting all day long with your body exposed to the sun despite making use of sunscreens has an adverse effect where the layers of the skin can get permanently damaged due to the harsh sun rays and the high levels of UV rays complementing it. Gone are those days where sunbathing gave you the tanned skin that you expected. Things have been replaced by spray tanning and tanning booths where with the use of artificial colour, you get to replicate the tanned effect on the skin.

When compared to the real tan, artificial tanning comes very close to it in terms of the colour that your skin turns out to be. It is safer and allows you to get the exact colour that you intend to receive, and not something that is not in your hands. Here are a few facts associated with spray tanning that is likely to get your concepts clear and opt for it whenever you get the thought of getting a tan for yourself.

  • You get to avail it whenever you need it – For those living in cold countries or for those who cannot get access to the beach to get the natural tan for themselves, the spray tanning method comes to their rescue where a simple session with experts on spray tan in Adelaide can get you the exact effect on the skin.
  • Lesser blotches on the skin – The application of tanning lotions and gels are known to give overlapping results where there are scary streaks that are darker than the other areas on the skin. It doesn’t just make you look terrible but makes things look overtly artificial. While spray tanning covers a larger area in no time, the application is smooth where there are no chances of over-application.
  • You get to choose the shade – Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to a darker shade of the skin which you may not prefer. With spray tanning, you get to make a choice on the colour of the skin that you want for yourself. If you do not know the shade that you suit your needs, you can always take help from the experts and perform tests on yourself on unexposed body parts where you get to make a pick on the colour that you like.
  • You get to enjoy it for long – Experts at salons that excel in eyelash extensions in Adelaide also helping out Eyelash Extensions Adelaidewith spray tanning agree that other tanning methods are put to use on the skin, it lasts for as long as 3-4 days, but when it comes to making use of spray tanning, it makes you enjoy its presence on your skin for as long as a week and sometimes more depending on the skin and the way it reacts to the colour presence.
  • There are no scary stains – There are times when you make use of tanning gels and lotions to get the artificial tan for yourself, you end up with blotchy stains on your clothing. Spray tanning includes the seamless application of the colour where it dries up in no time, and there are lesser chances of it transferring to the clothes that you wear.


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