Spring Cleaning Goof Ups To Keep at Bay!


There is nothing more satisfying than staying is a sparkling dwelling that will make you feel proud and your life healthier. However, there is no gain sans pain, and hence, you need to pick up some trouble, if you are to make your house clean. Now cleaning your home has many facets. One of them is spring cleaning.

Spring is that time of the year when your home needs some serious cleaning, more so after the long chilly winter. And, with the infamous Australian summer to set in next, you need your home to be clean enough.

From taking care of the lawns to cleaning the HVAC ducts, from getting rid of the termites and dust and dirt from the carpets and upholstery to overhauling the exhaust of your kitchen – there is no dearth of work.

That is why you need to summon a specialised name that is into spring cleaning in Southbank and South Melbourne depending upon where you stay!

But why? Can’t you do it yourself? Cleaning a home is not rocket science, after all! Well, surely it is not, but yet some things are best done by the pros. This will help you keep at bay a few mistakes!

Overusing toxic chemicals

This is one very common mistake that you might end up committing inadvertently – and a dangerous one too! It will not only pose a threat to you and your family members but will also harm carpets, upholstery and the furniture.

Spreading germs while ‘getting rid’ of them

Another nightmarish blunder..for sure! When you actually help the bugs and the dust to spread, while you try to remove them from your home. This happens when you adopt the wrong way of cleaning rugs and carpets that are infested with dirt and germs.

Mixing the cleaning products wrongly

Surely, not a very healthy sign, of course! There are a few specific ways to take on all the mess with the help of the cleaning products.

It’s all about mixing the right products with each other proportionately. That gives you an optimal cleaning effect. That’s what the pros of the spring cleaning companies in Albert Park, Melbourne would do. If you do not know the right proportion, the cleaning results will be a BIG ZERO!! Surely, it’s not something that you would want.

Not using ladders cleverly

Well, people may say, what’s in using a ladder? That’s when mistakes are made! There’s a lot to read in between lines while using a ladder.

Take, for instance, selecting the base before you set the ladder up. You need to put it up on the right platform so that it is firm, and you do not create a scene by taking to the ground right from the top of the ladder and end up in the bed with a twisted waist or a swollen toe! Then there is the issue of using the right kind of ladder.

The one that you will need to cleanse the chandelier or a cathedral ceiling will surely not be needed for taking on your attic ceiling. And then, minding the top edge of the ladder that touches the walls when you set it up is another chapter.

You do not wrap the edge up with a piece of cloth, and it leaves marks on your wall that becomes an eyesore! So you see, there are so many things to be aware of while setting a simple ladder.

Well, are you already bogged down by the number of mistakes that are to be aware of? Hold on, it’s just the beginning. There are more, and they include the likes of climbing too high and then falling, using a vacuum that does more dust-spewing than cleaning, cleaning electrical and electronic gadgets with wet rugs, dusting dry, awkwardly lifting furniture…and the list continues further!!!!

That perhaps tells why you need a spring cleaning company in Brighton or Port Melbourne to take the help of without any second thought.



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