Spruce up Your Bathroom with the Perfect Freestanding Bath


If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom and planning to renovate your private space soon, you can choose freestanding baths without a doubt. Freestanding baths have become quite popular among people due to the luxe and elegance it brings to the bathroom. Moreover, they are available in varied shapes, sizes and designs that make it a ‘must-have’ thing to embrace the home aesthetics.

Before you take the plunge to invest in a freestanding bath, check out the essential things you need to consider.

Things to Consider While Buying Freestanding Baths

Unlike other bathtubs that occupy the edges of your bathroom space, freestanding baths can be placed at the middle to grab attention at a glance.

If you have ample space and planning to augment it in the right way, you need to choose the perfect size, layout, material and style.

  • Choose the Size Considering Space

Freestanding baths are usually placed at the centre to ensure there is ample space to manoeuvre around. If you can walk around the bath, it becomes easier to clean and no dust or dirt can accumulate with time. So, one of the primary considerations is the size. While standard bathtubs are available in 1800mmx700mm sizes, freestanding baths are comparatively larger and luxurious.

  • Check the Layout and Drainage

Apart from the visual aesthetics, it is essential to check out the amalgamation of your plumbing and drainage system while planning to install a freestanding bath. Moreover, you need to check the capacity of the boiler to generate water in order to fill your freestanding bath within a short time. Besides functionality, you should place the bath in a manner such that there is sufficient space to step in and out of the bath.

  • Pick the Right Style

Do you prefer the traditional and timeless style or want to opt for a chic and contemporary look? With an array of designs and style, you can choose a freestanding bath that can suit your bathroom needs. Models that come with clawed feet can serve as a perfect masterpiece to spruce up your traditional bathroom aesthetics, whereas the sleek and contemporary styles can complement any modern home decor.

Materials Do Matter

If you want a light-weight but durable and warm touch to your private space, acrylic stands out among others in case freestanding baths. For bathroom renovations in Perth, acrylic is the perfect material to suit your quality and budget requirements if you choose to install freestanding baths. If you go for the expensive version, you can be assured of top-notch construction, trendy designs and improved insulation.

Do you want a show-stopper bath for your bathroom? The correct size and style of freestanding baths can give you that luxurious feel. So, before you invest your money, keep these points in mind.



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