Stainless Steel or Copper? Choose the Ideal Metal Framing for Your Tub


Both the stainless steel and copper is better for your bathtub to set the modern appeal or a rustic view to your bathroom. But, when it comes to choosing the one between these two, how to say that it is the ideal material for your custom bathtub?

Well, both of these are the high-end metals that can hold the charm for you bath for a lifetime. These metals have their unique benefits that you would love to include with your cheap baths in Perth for your next bathroom remodelling. Let’s get into the insight to find the characteristics of each of these metal that may work wonders for your bathroom.

Copper: The most attractive part of copper metal is its elegant and rich beauty to your bathroom. It will leave your bathroom with the natural living finish. It is different from other materials since it gets beautiful with ages. The material interacts with the environment and organically deepen the colour over time.

  • Copper is easy to maintain, due to having anti-microbial properties. Did you know copper has been registered as anti-microbial material with EPA?
  • Copper is also able to heal itself. You can take a scratch test, where it will produce nothing but a shiny streak. The properties of copper will darken the scratch mark that will get blend with the original patina. Hence, you will require no more maintenance, since the blemishes will disappear on its own.
  • Copper is an easy to clean material. And, with a soapy sponge, you can do it with ease.   

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel is mostly preferred across modern bathrooms with contemporary design. The stainless steel is popular for the shiny and stronger look. The shine of stainless steel something you can’t ignore it from choosing.

Same as copper, stainless steel is an excellent durable material to be used for framing or clawfoot baths for sale in Perth. It is an excellent durable material to hold the lustre even when it is coming across the splash of water.

  • Stainless is less expensive than copper and chosen for a luxurious bath to include in your next bathroom renovation project.

Both of these metals come across water staining due to general corrosive attack. The blue or green water staining is the phenomenon that mostly happens. Due to the fine dispersion of metal corrosion products in the water, when any of these metal comes across the water, it creates water discolouration. Still, you choose any of these metal framings for your bathtub, since the bath supplier come up with the model that can make your Maintainance task easy.

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