Stay Safe during Boxing Training by Following Precautionary Tips


There is no doubt about the fact that boxing is a sport that can leave you to face a lot of injuries starting from the initial stage to after that. Although adequate safety gears are there to safeguard you from the harm you might have to face but taking required precautions is equally necessary to save those parts of your body that remains uncovered.

The best part of attending the best training classes for boxing in Melbourne is that the trainers will let you understand the right safety protocols you need to follow from the very first day. However, theoretical learning is never equivalent to that of the lessons you will get while you are getting the practical training. Therefore, preparing yourself is the key to make sure you stay unhurt and come up for the next day without any signs of injury in your body.

Here are some of the common problems boxers under training face in their everyday drills and the right way to deal with those.

Punching Too Hard Can Cause Injury

Well, it is quite evident that in the initial stages of training, you will remain over-enthusiastic about the training sessions and wish to perform with 100% effort. However, putting your best effort does not mean doing it wrong.

People often make the common mistake of hitting the punching bag so hard that it directly leaves an impact on your shoulder, elbow and arms. Moreover, it will make you tired quickly. Always listen to the trainer on this issue and get to know the right amount of strength that needs to be put in the hitting session. As a result, you are sure to prolong your punching and learn the correct technique.

boxing training

Not Keeping Forearm and Wrist in Coordination

Abrupt punching will not take you anywhere, but you will eventually end up hurting yourself. As per the experts, it is essential that your wrist and forearm should stay in an aligned position before you go for punching. As the punching bag reverts back the same amount of power you are putting on the bag, not being aligned, you can end up breaking your bones.

Therefore, don’t let your head go off in over enthusiasm when you are practising. Concentrate every time you are going to punch and make sure the parts of your and stay in an aligned position. Initially, it may take time, but gradually it will become your habit.

Compromising On the Safety Gears

You have to understand that boxing is a highly risky sport you are getting involved it. No matter how strong you are, you may end up hurting yourself bad in the case you decide to compromise on the two prime safety gears that are gum shield for the mouth and head guard for the head.

A lot of trainees end up having a concussed brain in the end with heavy punches that you will receive from your opponent. Therefore, wear your safety shields every day whether you are coming for boxing or taking specialised advanced MMA training program in Melbourne even after you are fully trained as because a small mistake in the defence may cause serious harm to you.


The best way to make sure that you are practising under a safe environment is by getting your training done with the help of the right trainers. Therefore, search the internet extensively to find out that one training academy that specialises in boxing along with other forms of sports so that a right faculty always remains there by your side to guide you thoroughly.



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