Steps to Install a Wired CCTV Camera System


A wired CCTV camera installation is a bit more complicated than normal Wi-Fi- CCTV camera install. There are few thingsyou might need for a wired CCTV camera installation in your premises.

There are

  • Ethernetconnectivity
  • Masking tape
  • Monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • A powerdrillingmachine
  • Fish tape.

Jas you now know the list of things you need for CCTV camera installation, doesn’t mean you know everything about wired CCTV installation. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional Security Camera installation service in Perth for a high-quality service experience without any hassle and stress.

The CCTV installation service follows a few steps for the installing of the security camera. Look at those steps:

Step 1:

Figure out the position of camera placement:

First of all, you need to check the places where you want to install the CCTV cameras. For outside vigilance, install the camera in front door upper side corner. When you install the camera, you must think about the wiring. Only professional services can adjust the CCTV in a suitable place with their skill and mind.

Prepare the camera installation process:

To install the camera in the right place, you need to depend on drilling machines. The professionals use the drilling machines to cut the wooden wall or drywall. They mark the position and first, then make a hole. Too much of breaking or screws can damage the wall. CCTV camera installation service in Perth uses stickler to mark the position.

Set up the cables with the camera:

Now the final and most important step of camera installation is the step is running the cable through the attics or ceilings by fixing it with the fish tape. For the monitoring access run the Ethernet cable through the camera wires. And finally, connect the DVR box. The installation and attachment of the DVR box can be done with the help of professionals. When you mount the DVR box, you need to do some small drilling and fix it using some screws and fix tape. Once the DVR box is mounted, you can start the camera installation process. Start connecting the cameras through the cable operation. After the installation of the camera, you can adjust the camera with screws tight and loosen up.

Once the camera is set up, you must set up the interface. Interface setup consists of password, setting up of date and time.

From now on, your wired camera system is good to go and starts working in a swing. Do you think you can through these hazardous steps all by yourself? No, they are critical and need professional help and guidance.



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