Steps to Make your Homes Allergy Friendly



You already face a lot of dust, pollen and harmful chemicals when you are outside your home. So why not make your home allergy friendly when you have the option of doing it. You have to take it easy and do so starting form one room then moving onto the other. Be smart and replace the stuffs with allergen free ones. This blog gives you an idea of doing such adjustments in the correct manner. Keep reading to know more:

    • The first thing that you need to reconsider is your beds and their beddings. Normally people change their beddings once a week but there is more that needs to be done! Encase the pillows and mattresses in a dust and mite proof covers. Yes you do get such covers! Also once you remove the sheets make sure to wash them hot to medium warm water as this will kill practically most of the dwelling mites and germs. Some people are allergic to wool so make sure to replace them with synthetic materials and similar options. 

  • Most of the allergy friendly homes in Melbourne focus on the flooring. Carpets add a great aesthetic touch to our homes but do not suit many, health wise! So when you are considering the flooring, make sure to get rid of them and use washable rugs and linoleum floorings that can be cleaned on a daily basis! If you cannot do without your carpets then it is important to vacuum them on a daily basis.


  • The curtains! They act as a barrier between you and the outside air so it is quite obvious that they will tend to attract a lot of dust and debris. You must use washable curtains that are made of either synthetic fabric of plain cotton material. If your rooms have blinds then make sure to replace the horizontal ones with washable roller type shades.
  • Windows! These are the other crucial stuffs of the homes that attract major dirt and grime! It is important to call for the house cleaning every month and get the windows thoroughly cleaned inside out! Also during the pollen season you must rely on the air conditioning by keeping the windows closed!

If you or any of your house mates have allergy related symptoms or respiratory ailments then it is high time that you get to change your home into an allergy free one. Follow the above steps and move to a healthier mode of living within your budget.



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