Steps to Restore an Old Desk and Give It a Facelift


Restoration of a deck is not a piece of cake – to start with. This is the mistake that people at times commit and pay the price. There are a lot of technical stuff associated with restoration of deck and one has to master them to perform the restoration flawlessly.



Hence the safest way is to bestow the responsibility of deck restoration to a professional company. These professionals would complete the restoration in the following 4 steps.


Step 1: Carrying out the repair jobs


This ideally starts with an inspection of the deck. Special emphasis is paid to those parts that are in direct touch with the surface below. They may be the staircases, the staircase joists or the stringers at the ground level, and the supporting posts.


Once the inspection is done with, the attention shifts to the point where the deck connects to the rest of the house. Special emphasis is given to find if there is any bent, rusted or missing flashing. The inspectors also look for the black stains that say unmistakably whether the moisture is slowly making its way into the rest of the house or not. It will also give a fair idea about the moisture level of the deck itself.


Step 2: Cleaning the Surface


Every deck needs to be cleaned at least once in a year, whether or not it is restored. The second step involves cleaning, and in case the deck in question has not been cleaned for long, the ones involved in the deck restoration in Perth have their task cut out.


The technicians would properly use concentrated chemicals, so that the chemical does not cause any harm to the nearby plantations. Depending upon the condition of the deck in question, they at times use weaker solutions and cleaners that are plant friendly.


However, the stronger deck cleaning agents can even cause burn-out of plants if they come in the contract. Hence, these professionals take utmost care while using these stronger cleaning agents to clean decks.


Step 3: Application of Stain


Once the necessary repairing and the cleaning have been done with, it is time for applying a protective layer of stain. Stains that are transparent with clear finishes are generally used, as they work best on new woods.



However, for their older counterparts, semitransparent stains work best.


Step 4: Redoing the railing


Restoration of the old deck also involves redoing the old railing. Railings also need as much restoration and reworking as the deck itself. Hence, it is recommended to use railing systems that are maintenance free.


So an ideal deck restoration company will generally follow these steps to make sure your deck gets back its old touch and vigour. Now it’s your call to select a competent company.




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