Stunning Kitchen Makeover Ideas to Get Inspired From


If you want to spruce up your kitchen decor a remodelling idea is certainly the one on cards. Here we are all set to discuss kitchen remodelling ideas which will spark somewhat of an instant inspiration among you all. We are trying to draw a comparison between the earlier and current versions of kitchens to help you gain a fair understanding of the differences these remodelling ideas make: 

Old cabinets versus new 

For a chic upgrade watch out for the counter and cabinets. Sometimes the vintage stove may appear too charming and functional to receive an update. Keeping in mind how much some people would want to restore certain old elements like a potential stovetop, designers here have kept their words by simply improving the fronts with fresh new white cabinet doors in contrast to a dark backsplash and Formica counters. 

Old fixtures and finishing versus new 

Here we are keeping our focus on old fixtures and finishing. When thinking of kitchen makeovers in Melbourne, the designers take a look at the haphazard fixtures which look absolutely poorly planned and subsequently they decide to give them an update. The farmhouse kitchen with its porcelain backsplash boasts of country-side charm doubled up with bin pulls made of brass, a butcher block countertop and copper backsplash. There is also a beautiful copper backsplash adding to the warmth of the grey cabinets. 

Dated and spacious versus airy and bright 

The kitchen here is an extremely spacious Californian Bungalow with dated touches which might or might not drive your attention. To give it a makeover our kitchen renovation specialist in Hampton Park has proposed white and grey designs with a mellowing effect. Everything about this space is so natural, starting from the bar stools and cutting boards to hand woven area rugs. 

Dull cabinetries versus farmhouse appeal 

Sometimes the original cabinetries may appear so charming and potentially useful that owners will continue with such age-old looks of a kitchen. However, after a few years down the line, they are likely to appear dull with no shine at all. That’s when a replacement becomes mandatory. The experts here have not completely replaced the cabinets. Instead, they have spruced up the furniture by getting them repainted, adding knobs made of cast-iron and a butcher block countertop, to finish off the work. Again, the kitchen renovations specialist in Aspendale has included a classic apron front porcelain sink. 

Consider these inspiring kitchen makeover ideas to add beauty and value to the cooking space. Indeed they are supposed to recreate the space into something extraordinarily beautiful and functional. 



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