Summer Care for Leather Shoes – Some Quick Hacks Exposed


Think of an example where any of your mates have not whinged about a pungent smell on the shoe coming back from the summer sun. Or, find a man who has not said that the colour of his leather shoes is gradually getting faded away because he has to spend hours in the sun.

Care before it’s too late!

It’s the summer sun indeed that can actually do a lot of stuff with your favourite pair of leather shoes and here ‘a lot of stuff’ means nothing but harm. So, you should not act as cool as a cucumber in this case. Before, the weather turns out to be a scorcher in Australia within a few days; you must keep a few things in mind for summer shoe care.

If you are not sure about exactly how you will manage the stitches or a few scratched areas of the leather made pair, go for the services of shoe repairs in Melbourne and let the professionals handle it. But, apart from that, you are also required to follow a few maintenance rules that will keep your leather shoes ready to beat the heat of summer.

Read on.

  • Keep your Sweaty Socks away from the Shoes

It’s summer after all, and the socks are going to get sweatier than ever. And, it is the sweat that leaves a pungent smell inside the shoes. And, it doesn’t really go away. To make sure that the smell doesn’t choke you, it is crucial to keep the sweaty socks away from your shoes.

  • Don’t forget to clean the pair on Daily Basis

Yeah! You are in no place to avoid the importance of regular cleaning, polishing or conditioning your shoes. A little piece of advice here! Don’t use any other cleaning agent other than what the experts recommend to use. And also, make sure you a piece of soft fabric to get the cleaning process done. Don’t forget to clean up the dust and dirt before applying the polishing cream to it.

  • It’s better not to wear the same pair every day

It is advised by the market leaders of Melbourne shoe shops, not to wear the same pair of shoes every day in summer. It is also considered as a maintenance hack. Feet are meant to get wet much more than the usual time, and the leather is going to absorb the sweat or water and don’t get dried up too quickly. That’s why it is better to leave it in that way and go out wearing another pair.

So, these are the rules. Pull socks up and start practising these techniques to maintain your expensive pair of leather shoes.



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