Telematics and Refrigerated Transport – a General Discussion


The modern telematics that is being incorporated in the refrigerated couriers these days go a long way in adding value to the cold chain management.

The modern telematics systems come up with:

  • A terminal that delivers GPS geolocation. It also collects as well as analyses data from the sensors onboard the transport vehicles and its systems. Generally, this equipment comes up with a modem that transmits real-time data to the secured platform of the system server.
  • A Controller Area Network (CAN) interface, which connects to the e-Business Suite (EBS), recording the mileage, the axle load, the wear and tear of the brake and so on.
  • A connection interface that is dedicated to refrigeration units, which can display error codes, temperature, run time, and so on.
  • Multiple dedicated sensors that include, but limited to thermometer, sensors to gauge the tyre pressure, opening & closing of doors and so on.

How Telematics helps Refrigerated couriers

Telematics allows the stakeholders to track, protect as well as control the refrigerated couriers that ply in and around Brisbane carrying their consignment, in real-time. Generally, modern telematics provides an edge in the following ways:

They help in Geolocation: This feature will help in monitoring the vehicle’s speed and location constantly, at any given point in time. Thus, it will help the stakeholders to ascertain the anticipated time of delivery and thus, helps optimising the trips accordingly.

Temperature Monitoring:  It is pretty self-explanatory – this feature will help to monitor and control the temperature in every compartment. It will also help to monitor the setpoint temperature, the error codes, tank, and battery level, closing and opening of the door, and the overall operation of the unit.

Vehicle Monitoring: The refrigerated transport companies in Brisbane and other regions in and around Brisbane will be able to monitor the EB S data, opening and closing of the doors, mileage, collect and monitor real-time preventive maintenance data, tyre pressure, etc.

It is a 24×7 Management Interface

The modern telematics used by the refrigerated courier companies gives the stakeholders an absolutely secured management interface that is accessible 24×7 online, with the use of any kind of device, like a PC or laptop, tablet, and even smartphones.

They would provide more than merely real-time data, which includes data logs for the vehicles for any period of time that has been set contractually. This helps in easier management of the fleet and helps the companies to get rid of the trouble of storing the data printouts, or collection of reports directly from the vehicles, which is cumbersome work, to say the least!

From the managerial perspective, this technology offers the provision retracing the itineraries taken up by the vehicles and planning the trips accordingly. It will also help to optimise the trips and calculate the ratio of active and inactive or on-time delivery rates.

Thus you see, telematics takes the business cold chain logistics to a different level altogether, with a string of value addition that adds perfection and professionalism to the cold chain management system.



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