The 4 Aftercare Tips on Lash Tinting and Its Colour Retention


Are you one of those out there who is tired of spending endless hours in front of the mirror to get that bold and fuller look to the eyes? Well, you are not the only one as there are more and more women who own sparse eyelashes and intend to bring about a darker look to it and then end up using heaps of mascara and artificial lashes to bring about drama to the eyes.

Brow & Lash Tint Canberra

The Concept of Last Tinting

Here is something that would bring about joy to you especially when you do not intend to opt for painful cosmetic therapies. There is a concept called eyelash tinting where there is colour applied to the lashes and finally giving it a darker and fuller look. The tint or colour as it is commonly called is something that is safe for the human skin, and since it is something that is applied to the lashes and concerns the eyes, there is this extra care taken to ensure that it doesn’t create any allergic reactions to the skin. Lash tinting involves an expert on brow & lash tint in Adelaide coming to help out with colouring your eyelashes in a way that would be completely safe.

After the tinting process is complete, you cannot perform your daily tasks normally especially when it concerns your face. The colour applied to the lashes takes time to settle in which would eventually make it last for 3 weeks or so. Here are a few aftercare tips that you could follow after receiving an eyelash tinting treatment.

Avoid touching (even if it is itchy)Brow & Lash Tint Adelaide

It is natural that the eye area would be itchy due to the residue that stays back after the tinting process. Even though the experts would clean up well after it is done, there are times when the colour would stay back and would go away once the tint has settled well on the lash hair strands. Experts who perform such tinting processes would suggest dabbing a moist cotton pad to prevent swelling or the itch that can occur in some cases.

Do not sunbathe or expose yourself to sun

The sunlight and the UV rays are known to have this strange effect on the colour that your eyelash has just received. It is known to let it fade away even before it has settled down on the lashes. As the colour is expected to stay around for as long as 3 weeks, you would watch the colour fading away with frequent exposure to the sun.

Avoid the use of liquids and water after the process

The presence of any liquid or makeup remover around the eyes after the tinting process can allow the colour to wash off or sometimes bleed. The colour takes time to settle itself on the hair strand, and any liquid contact would aid in discolouration while allowing the colour to come off and thus ruining the effort that was put to tint the lashes and make it bold.

Avoid the use of oil-based cosmetics on the face

When it comes to applying cosmetics long after the tinting process, ensure that you make use of products that are water or gel based. Salon experts on lash tinting and eyebrow threading in Marion agree that oil-based ones are known to let the colour of the lashes fade away especially when you have oily skin to add to the trauma.

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