The 4 Common Methods of Building Demolition


When it comes to demolishing buildings, the experts would follow specific methods to make sure the entire operation is carried out in a proper, safe and systematic way. Here on this page, we discuss the 4 common methods that the experts generally follow while demolishing buildings.

Method#1: By Using High Reach Arm

This is one of the methods that are carried out by the demolition experts in Albion Park. It is an alternative process to implosion and is normally used to demolish buildings that are more than 66 feet tall. In this method, base-machines like excavators featuring a long demolition arm with three sections or telescopic booms are used.

Besides, specified tools of demolition like crushers, hammers or shears are attached at the free end of the arm, which demolish the building structure from top to bottom in a gradual, step-by-step manner. The machine also removes the large chunks of the demolished structure, while specialised ground crews would break down those larger chunks into smaller pieces and sort them for proper disposal.

These high reach arm demolition techniques are used to disintegrate and break down concrete, steel, masonry, and other structures made up of mixed materials. It is a much safer process than traditional methods.

Method#2: By Using Wrecker Balls 

This is one of the oldest methods of demolition and is also termed as crane & ball demolition. It is generally used to demolish concrete and other types of masonry structures. The demolishers either drop the ball on the structure to be demolished, or they swing it repeatedly in such a way that the ball crashes on the structure, crushing it with repetitive blows.

Again, only highly trained, experienced and expert demolishers would perform this type of demolition as the process demands high skills for controlling the swing. Missing the target may result in disaster with the crane overloading or tripping due to the massive weight of the ball.

Method#3: By using Selective Demolition 

This is also termed as strip-out demolition, in which only selective portions of a building is taken down in a phase-by-phase manner. It is an extremely popular method as this allows the builders to recycle and reuse the materials extracted from the building. The main objectives of this type of demolition it that it helps recovery of a substantial amount of reusable and recyclable materials in a cost-effective as well as safe way.

Method#4: By using the Implosion Method

It is the most dramatic method of demolition in Albion Park that is used by the professionals and is generally used to demolish huge, multistoried structures. Explosives are planted at strategic points of the building that carry their major weight. In a sequential detonation of the explosives by a remote control device, the experts make sure that the building simply collapses in a controlled and systematic fashion, so that the other structures nearby are left absolutely untouched and safe. However, not every demolition company would do that.



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