The 4 Effective Maintenance Tips for Excavation Machines


Believe it or not, an excavator is one such machine that gets to be the best friend of every construction contractor and professional. Without it, how would they dig trenches, perform earth moving activities, move heavy construction material from one place to the other and perform all other activities that take up too much of effort when done manually? Therefore, it is something that gets to be something in the spotlight when it comes to being used at a construction site.

It is a heavy duty machine that is known to function on all types of terrain and continues to serve with all its might. Despite it being made to perform difficult tasks, it is a machine at the end of the day and can break down when not cared for in the right way. Just as all other vehicles find the need for maintenance and attention from time to time, excavators should also be checked to prevent accidents and breakdown while being in the middle of a task.

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When spoken to expert earthmoving contractors in Brisbane, they are known to come up with effective tips that you could follow especially when you own a fleet of excavators.

  • Keep the body clean – Well, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about keeping the excavator’s body clean is that when it works with dirt and mud all day long, then why is there a need to clean it? What people do not know is that when the mud and other forms of dirt get settled on the body of the excavator, the body tends to rust and deteriorate in quality. The longevity is thus decreased, and then you are to either repair it or get it replaced. After each day of work when the excavator gets to rest, giving it a thorough clean with water while getting rid of the dirt and much from its body and undercarriage can help it stay just as new and function efficiently for as long.
  • Keep a check on the oils and lubricants – As excavators exert itself on rough terrain, there is the need for a better viscosity of the oils in the engine. Checking on the oil tank from time to time and refilling them can allow you to ensure that it would function perfectly and not break down when at work. The lubricants for the blades, crane, bucket and the hydraulic system should be checked from time to time to ensure smooth functioning and not get jammed when on the construction site.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions well – Most excavators come with an instruction manual from the manufacturer’s end. The tips and instructions often vary depending on the type of excavator that you put to use. Even if you are an expert with handling and maintaining the condition of machines for excavation in Brisbane, you can go through the manual to look out for any special care that the manufacturer instructs as it would aid in better longevity.

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•    Check on the filters – All excavators has filters that often get clogged with regular use. A dirty and clogged filter can put pressure on the engine of the excavator while harming the mileage and fuel consumption drastically. Cleaning the filters regularly would allow smooth work daily.



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