The 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting Jewellery Photography


Jewellery photography is something not everyone can master unlike other forms of photography as these ornaments have a sheen if their own while making it difficult for the photographer to bring out the real picture. It requires rigorous training as well as practice to finally come up with something that brings out the true essence of the jewellery to the photograph that is captured.

For those who are experts with such art form are known to come up with a lot of effective tips that aspiring photographers can put to use. Those who own businesses dealing with jewellery and intend to showcase it to the world are always in need of the best photographers who would ensure that their creations are brought out to light in the most efficient way. Therefore, if you too aspire to be a successful jewellery photographer, here are a few mistakes you could avoid to make things going your way.

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• Not cropping the main image – If you are to photograph a pendant and intend to showcase it with a chain, you are to ensure that you put your focus on the pendant more than the rest. If you have captured it from far and have covered the chain as well as the pendant, ensure that you crop the area focussing on the pendant and nothing else as it is your point of focus and you want people to look at it first.

• Not making use of a model – You may put to use the best quality camera to capture the jewellery that you intend to photograph and also include different angles and close-up shots depicting every detail of the creation. People do not always get convinced of the look of the jewellery unless you humanise it. Photographing the jewellery on a model or a mannequin bust can bring about the real feel. People often get to connect themselves to the model or the mannequin thus allowing them to make a choice accordingly.

• Improper use of white backgrounds – Whenever looking at jewellery in a catalogue or a magazine, you are likely to see a white background to it as it is known to give a neat appearance and allowing the jewellery to get that unique glow. Well, it does stand true in certain cases but not always. The white background reflects light and can often cause jewellery to blend with the background thus not allowing it to stand out. Therefore, there is always a need to maintain the right amount of lighting either with natural or artificial light.

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• The presence of distracting backgrounds – If you intend to lure customers with a particular set of jewellery and intend to help them out by pairing it with a dress that is likely to go along, you may be distracting them. A product photographer in Brisbane would also agree to the fact that buyers may be confused with what exactly is on sale and may feel the dress to be something as complementary with the jewellery. A plain background does the trick all the time especially when there is the use of the right camera and lighting.



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