The 4 Myths That Surround Portable Solar Panels for Caravans


Given the fact that more and more people are becoming adventurous with each passing day, almost everyone out there has becoming camping enthusiasts. Each of them owns caravans or probably motorhomes and that sets them free to do all that they want and visit camping grounds without any prohibitions.

While some make use of batteries to power their vehicle while camping outdoors, the rest prefer making use of solar panels. It is known to be environment-friendly as well as saves up on the money spent on buying batteries well as well as extra batteries to come to the rescue during emergencies. It comes about as an investment initially but giving beneficial results in the days to come.

While caravans with portable solar panels in Western Australia are popular, there are several who still believe in the myths that surround it. Here are a few laid out for you that is cleared and solved.

Portable Solar Panels

Myth 1 – If It Is a Cloudy Sky, the Panels Would Be of No Use

If you are someone who steps out wearing sunscreen even if it is a cloudy day, you must be aware of the fact that even when the sky is covered with clouds, the UV rays penetrate through it. Similarly, when it comes to the solar panels absorbing sunlight to create solar energy, it gets access to the energy from the sun despite it being a cloudy day. The energy is then stored and converted into heat and electrical energy for the motor-home or the caravan to get access to energy that makes it function. Therefore, even if it is a cloudy day when you are out camping, the solar panels would continue to function.

Myth 2 – The Solar Panels Need a Lot of Maintenance

Solar panels are manufactured keeping in mind the weather conditions it will have to handle when it is used. It is resistant to all weather conditions and doesn’t need much of maintenance. Ensuring there is nothing to block its path such as dried leaves or any other element allows it to function normally and perform the task of providing energy to the camping vehicle. Wiping the surface with a soft cloth and liquid cleaners would suffice. If there is a coat of dust settled on its surface, you could use a pressure washer to get rid of it.

Myth 3 – The Panels Are Expensive

When you install solar panels to your camping vehicle, it would be expensive initially, but when looking at the long-term benefits, it is known to be a source that saves up on the money. Whenever you would be out on a camping trip, you wouldn’t require fuel or another source of energy to help the vehicle stay boosted. The solar panels would solve the problem while making you enjoy blissful camping expeditions without any hassle.

Myth 4 – Solar Panels Make the Vehicle Look Ugly

Well, it is not necessary that you have to affix the solar panels behind or at the sides of the vehicle. You can always affix them to the roof while keeping it clear from the sight. Anyone looking at your vehicle from the sides or back wouldn’t notice these panels at all. It is also a great way to keep the panels away from miscreants that are always on the prowl at camping sites.

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