The 4 Reasons Why Artificial Tennis Turf Needs Maintenance


No random person would want a tennis court installed in their backyard unless you are a seasoned player or are a tennis enthusiast. A dedicated area to help you practise the game well cannot be compared to visiting clubs and other play areas in return for fees. Most tennis courts these days have artificial turf installed which is not just easy to maintain but also is easy to play on especially when it endures frequent foot traffic.

Synthetic Lawn Perth

Installing synthetic turf over grass can be considered as an investment as it is likely to stay with you for long. The reason why most people prefer Synthetic Lawn in Perth over the real one is that it is easy to maintain. Even though a simple brush or watering with a hose allows the dirt and grime to wash away, there is a need to maintain it well. Why we focus on its maintenance has reasons behind it. Here is a few laid out for you.

  • You get to improve to performance on court – A clean court is likely to make your movement on the court swift while you play. You get to witness rapid movements with no hurdles on the ground. You get to be stable with no chances of tripping of slipping and also allows you to stay safe and not hurt yourself while moving from one place to the other.
  • There is better drainage in the court – It often happens this way that after a bout of rain, there are chances that a lawn witnesses accumulation of water. The water takes time to soak up but when it comes to a lawn with real grass but when there is synthetic grass involved, the drainage is faster where the water doesn’t stay back. You get to move about with ease without having to fear puddles. This also aids in the longevity of the turf where it doesn’t rot.
  • There is an aesthetical appeal to the court – While you frequently clean and maintain the turf, the court is likely to look aesthetically appealing. It would look just as new while making you feel good about using it every time you come over to play. When it comes to inviting friends and other players to play, you get to create a good impression on them.
  • You get to maintain safety – There are times when tiny rocks and stones from the garden accidentally roll over to the turf, or probably there is the presence of broken branches and twigs from the trees around it, and it may be dangerous for you especially when you do not notice it before playing. While the turf is cleaned and maintained regularly, the ground stays clear of all such hindrances and thus allowing you and the rest to play and practise safely.

•    You get to detect problems – There are times when the turf witnesses wear and tear with regular foot traffic and movement while playing. All this can be detected when the turf is being cleaned. Professionals who install tennis turf in Perth agree that pinpointing out the issues can allow you to conduct the necessary repairs beforehand and not wait until there is more damage caused that can be difficult on your part as it may be expensive to replace.



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