The 4 Things to Remember While Choosing Formal Shirts for Men


When it comes to wearing shirts, it is often categorised to be worn to serve formal and casual occasions. While formal shirts occupy a distinctive space in a man’s wardrobe, it is known to serve several purposes. Be it a meeting at the workplace or a friend’s wedding; formal shirts make you look just perfect while conveying the seriousness of the situation.

It is often that men get lured by readymade shirts available at the racks. Trendy and classy designs make shirts look attractive, but not all men can wear them as it is. Not everyone has the same body type, and there is the need for an express alterations tailor in Canberra. While there are a few men who intend to avoid all such trouble and make things easy by visiting a tailor who can help them with customised shirts.

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The right fit is all that matters, but there are a few other things that should be kept in mind when picking shirts to serve formal occasions.

Avoid Wearing Floral or Bright Colours

Floral colours or bright shades should be best left for informal occasions. When attending a meeting or probably an official event, try and stick to light colours or probably stripes and checks in that case. Such patterns do not distract people around you while giving out a subtle vibe from your end. Adding to this, matching the same with your pants and jackets is likely to make you look well-groomed.

Separate Day Wear and Evening Wear

To ensure that they give out the right message while you are attending an event, you are to ensure that you segregate the colours for the formal shirts. It would serve the day with light coloured shirts made of cotton to give about that breezy feeling and the night with dark coloured shirts that grabs attention in the presence of artificial lights. Some find silk shirts to be perfect for the evening where it gives than sheen under the light.

Do Not Ever Wear Same Coloured Shirts and Pants

Unless it is a dress code or you have been specially instructed to wear so, avoid it. It would look a complete disaster while almost being ignored by people. If you have to on a compulsion wear the same colour, try bringing about a change with a colour coordinated tie. This would bring about a change in the way you would be presenting yourself and not becoming the talk of the gathering.

Ensure That You Have Formal Shoes On

Wearing perfect formal attire and wearing a pair of the casual slipper on the feet is something that would look odd. Ensure that you have a good pair of formal shoes to complement the look. Own shoes of the colours black, brown or probably tan that is likely to match with almost all formal attire. Also, remember that you are to wear the right socks especially when you would be sitting and interaction. A pink pair of socks peeing below black pants wouldn’t look good at all.

When you consult a men’s tailor in Canberra, you are likely to receive the same advice as they are skilled and have been into business for long. They do not ensure that you have the right fit but also help you with a suggestion to look smart.

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