The Art of Wrapping a Floral Bouquet – A Brief Account


Do you think it’s only the flowers of floral gift take the recipient on cloud nine? Okay, here is something that you may try. Pick up some of the most delicate flowers, and wrap them up clumsily in a piece of an old newspaper and hand it over to the recipient!

It is almost sure that the response you get will not be something you will like to remember!  Let us not spend too many black and white words describing that. It is for you to experience and come back to us. Let us shift our focus to how things SHOULD go, rather than SHOUNDN’T go, when it comes to sending floral gifts. Perhaps, the professional florists know things best, and that is why, they come up with the most beautiful bouquets in the world, which take the look and feel of the floral gifts to an altogether new height.

The getup of bouquets very much depends upon the types of flower and the occasion you are sending the gift on. Other than using various types of flowers, these pros use a wide range of fillers, colours, different types of covering materials and wrappers, and other props while preparing bouquets. There are various styles in which they wrap the bouquets ups.  Floristry is quite a complex topic to discuss. Let discuss just a small chunk of the entire subject – the different bouquets.

Presentation Bouquet

Also known as Arms bouquet, it generally runs through your arm’s length, and leans perpendicularly as high as your chest, while it still allows you a free hand for a congratulatory posture or moves. Depending upon the genres of flowers used, a professional florist in Cheltenham will compliment it with various fillers and other props. Alternatively, at times, this bouquet is left alone for the sake of pure simplicity. They at times go for up to six roses for this bouquet, regardless of their shades.


This is a more traditional 19th Century German style, which lends a stable, simple, yet comfortable look and feel to the entire gift, and hence it is extremely popular, more so in weddings.

This has a compact set up, with floral bulbs of uniform size arranged in a firm concentric circle, from the center, running outwards. Accents are not used, while two or more colours can be an option. The professionals who are into florist delivery in Melbourne would add floral tapes, ribbons, and at times, wires to give the gift a more rigid and compact look.


Also termed as Cascade, this particular choice comes along with a very eloquent and flowing design. It has a top-heavy floral arrangement with floral tendrils dropping downwards. It is generally full of a considerable armament of props and fillers, along with accents. All of them combine to give the bouquet a very royal as well as opulent look and feel, in tune with the occasion.

If these three are the major types of bouquets, the other types include the Throw, the Nosegay, the Pomander, Tussy-mussy or the hand tied variety, and the Composite bouquets.



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