The Basic Aspects of Pebblecrete Swimming Pool Renovations


Like any other part of your home, your swimming pool also needs renovation from time to time. The importance of renovating the swimming pool is as crucial as taking care of any other part of your home. Of late, with more people realising the need to lead an active lifestyle, they would make sure that their swimming pools are in perfect condition from time to time.

To get the best results, you need to put your money on the best and the most experienced names that are into swimming pool renovations in Gold Coast. These companies are home to some of the most experienced professionals who will come up with the best results.

Why do you need a pool renovation in the first place?


What is a swimming pool, after all? It is basically just a bowl, dug into the surface to hold water.  Hence, you would need to have the tiles of the floor, and the walls changed and renovated, or repaint the interiors, from time to time, to keep it in perfect shape and conditions.  Then you may have a crack here and there that you need to fill up, to prevent seepage of water or unwanted stuff from mixing up with the water.

So who will do all the renovation for you?


Surely, you need to put your money on companies that have been into the renovation of swimming pools for a long time. The reason is simple.  Renovating swimming pools is a specialised job and needs certain specific steps to follow.

The steps to follow:

  • Pumping out the water
  • Removing the Hydro Valve
  • Inspecting the hardness of the pebblecrete pool interiors in Gold Coast
  • Removal of the pebblecrete layer
  • Removing the rust and repairing the surface
  • Taking care of all the visible cracks creating angle channel
  • Acid etching the Interior
  • Installing the Hydro Valve
  • Patching the lifting or drummy areas
  • Pressure washing
  • Applying the bonding slurry coat
  • Laying the new waterline tiles
  • Laying the coping
  • Apply the new interiors
  • Acid exposing the new interior
  • Putting the new pebblecrete layer
  • Bleach bathing the filtration system
  • Cleaning the site and removing the rubbish
  • Refilling the pool
  • Chemically rebalancing the pool

Therefore, you see, there are so many steps associated with the pebblecrete swimming pool renovations in Gold Coast as in any other place. Hence, the wisest step for you is to turn to seasoned professionals. They will make sure that the renovation is done correctly and the task yields the best results.



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