The Best and the Perfect Way of Making Turns During Driving – a Ready Reckoner


One of the trickiest episodes of driving is turning. In fact, when you turn on busy roads the margin of error has to be an absolute zero, and you will for sure, not at all be pleased to know that a number of trainees fail in the final driving test just because they are not up to the mark while taking turns.

Thus, before you appear for the final test at the end of the training at your driving school in Wetherill Park, here is a quick recap of things that you have learned. This last-minute suggestion will come in handy during the test.

Send Out Unmistakable Signs and Slow Down or Brake Just Before the Turn

You cannot turn without reducing speed well before the turning point. Thus, it is important to signal properly, before you reduce the speed of your vehicle. This, you must warn other vehicles who are following you, about your intentions. As per the thumb rule, you must send out clear signals maintaining a considerable distance from the point where you are supposed to turn in the high traffic areas, and even more when you are on high-speed motorways.

When it comes to taking a turn at an intersection that has no red or stop signage, you do not have to stop completely, though it is imperative that you strictly reduce the speed by a considerable extent while being aware of the cars following you or driving towards you from all directions.

Aiming at the Centre of the Lane

Before you turn, you need to scan the stoppage area for the potential safety hazards, like other vehicles, and pedestrians who might be influenced by your turn. Then again, for obvious reasons, you need to identify the proper lane before you turn. Also, after you have driven yourself to the new lane, stick at its centre.

Use the Typical Hold and Turn Method

Use the hod and turn steering method while turning. Also called the pull-push side method. In this way, nine of your hands will cross each other. However, this particular method can be used while you are driving along a road with longer and continuous curves.

Using the Hand Over Hand Method

Understandably, your hands will be crossing each other while you are rotating the steering wheel while you turn. Though it may appear a bit weird at first, as per the seasoned driving instructors of reputed driving schools in Wetherill Park it is the safest and the most appropriate way of turning. With both hands on the wheel, you are much prepared to take any evasive action, should you need it, even in the midst of the turn.

Thus you see, when it comes to turning, these steps make sure you do so perfectly and as per the norms, helping you to earn points during tests and ensuring safety in real-life situations.



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