The Best Possible Ways to Maintain Your Boat Trailers 


It is regardless to say that trailers are the integral of a trailer-boat setup. Still, a few boat trailer owners talk about it until something goes wrong. There are a number of reasons why boat trailers break down, and the culprits can be flat tyres, corrosion and poorly maintained brakes and a few more. So the best way you can prevent these problems by not allowing them to occur in the first place, and routine trailer maintenance can make that happen.

Follow a few tips to maintain your trailer boat in the best way possible:

  • Pick a Trailer Right for You: The first and foremost thing is to choose a trailer that is appropriate for your boat. A non-compliant trailer or illegal with your boat can involve you in an accident.
  • Look After the Tyres: Check your tyres before heading out. If you find worn, irregular, deformed and bulging tyre, it can ruin your outing. So, check whether the air pressure and trailer rims are in good condition before moving.
  • Maintain and Replace Wheel Bearing: Trailer wheel bearings should be checked at least once a year. Remove them and give them a thorough inspection to find if there is any wear. Heat-damaged bearings will turn out to be as blue tinge.
  • Check the Brakes: Since brakes come across high stress and get immersed in saltwater, they need maintenance. Trailer parts dealers suggest lubricating all the components of brakes including lock tab and hitch actuator. Also, keep checking the brake fluid or brake cables often.
  • Lights and Wiring Must Be Tested: Ensure all lights of your boat trailer is working. With a testing kit, you can determine whether the problem is limited to the trailer or not. The dirty connector plugs should be cleaned, and you must keep checking if there is corrosion to the ground wire or whether it has got fried or not.
  • Take a Close Look to Straps and Winch: It is important to lubricate the gears, check the shackles, chain and tie-downs.
  • Give Your Trailer a Proper Wash: Saltwater is no doubt corrosive, so boat trailer accessories suppliers suggest to wash it after each ride before they spread across the inaccessible areas of your trailer.

Don’t forget to secure your boat, no matter whether these are rush hours or weekend. It would better if you avoid storing easily stolen items like electronics, fishing gear and flares in the boat. Make use of anti-theft devices like wheel clamps, trailer locks, high-tech GPS etc. for trailer safety as well.



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