The Best Wineries Around Perth That a Wine Tour Will Take You to


If you have a fetish for wines and all you want to experience in a lifetime is a great wine tour then Perth certainly has got the best vineyards to offer. We are especially going to talk about vineyards established around the outskirts of Perth where the fertile soil, the rolling hills, and abundance of sunlight add to the productivity of some of the most premium vineyards. 

The next time, you are visiting Perth don’t forget to get a glimpse of these famous wineries welcoming you to barrels of delicious and subtly fermented grape juice and vast expanses of vine cultivation. 

Sittella Winery 

Established in the year 1998, Sittella winery stands as the newest among privately-owned wineries across the region. Indeed they have offered the most premium experiences to wine connoisseurs. The Sittella winery will also lead you to a restaurant where you can enjoy food and stunning vineyard views, all at the same time. 

Lancaster Wines 

As a party bus hire service in Perth will take you to the Lancaster Wines, you will be greeted with an age old history and an amazing encounter with the outstanding chardonnay, chenin blanc, verdelho and shiraz. Also, don’t forget to taste their signature dessert wine. 

Plume Estate 

Located amidst the scenic Bickley Valley, the Plume Estate is nestled among the quiet Perth Hills. The winery takes advantage of its scenic edge and welcomes visitors with panoramic views alongside expansive vineyards. 

Oakover Grounds 

Step into this beautiful winery perched in Swan Valley’s foothills and take a look at the scenic spectacle overlooking appreciable lake views and rolling vineyards basking in splendor. You can feast on glasses of delicious wine, rare beers, smoked meats, burgers, and salads at the Smokehouse kiosk. 

Olive Farm Wines 

Don’t miss the Olive Farm Wines as you tour across the outskirts of Perth in search of the best wineries of the region. Considering that there is no other better and delicious pair than wine and cheese, the cellar door here opens to an onsite cheese cafe for you to taste the most exquisite range of wines as you nibble away your favourite cube of cheese. 

Upper Reach 

Here is an expansive vineyard that seeks pleasure in offering you a slice of the idyllic countryside. The inviting winery is a must-visit as you embark on the lavish wine tours in Perth.  

Sandalford Wines 

Some claim this is among the best of wineries you will find in the fringes of Perth. Founded in the year 1840 the Sandalwood Wines are known for adopting contemporary viticultural methods and have earned a name for offering the world’s tastiest wines to the connoisseurs. 

Harris Organic Wines 

The winery has earned accolades for being Perth’s only organic winery adopting sustainable viticultural methods. Also, the winery is known for being an organic distillery making high-quality gin, brandy, and vodka. 

You can even sneak peek into the wine processing techniques and learn how such delicious fruits are turned into bottles of Chardonnay and Shiraz. 



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