The Common Steps of Planning a Successful School Excursion Trip


Planning an excursion trip may sound fun in reality, it is a daunting job. Even a highly experienced group of teachers fails to execute an excursion sometimes. An excursion must deliver a message amongst the students. Once you start planning for an excursion, there are lots of things to do. Starting from seeking parent’s permission to finding the place, booking bus and many more. Sometimes, teachers feel preferable to put all the responsibilities to a school excursion service company as they are specialised in handling a successful excursion.

Let’s discuss everything you want to know about how teachers near Gold Coast plan for the excursion as part of their annual school curriculum.

Planning is Everything

Students are going on a trip out of their school environment. They will be introduced to a completely different world. As you are dealing with young minds and their sensibility planning the whole trip from the beginning in a correct way is a must for a school excursion. Things need plannings are:

  • The destination, the ambience and speciality of the place
  • Arranging for transportation
  • Hiring a reputed school excursion management team from a reputed consultancy.
  • Deciding the menu
  • Creating Parent’s permission form
  • Discussion with the administrators.

With these steps, planning teachers can arrange the day with ease.

Make It a Light-hearted Day

There are plenty of education spots available for school excursions in Sunshine Coast. Remember, the students are out of the classroom. Though there is a subtle touch of educational benefits for the students, don’t make it only about the studies just like a classroom day. Enjoy the day with them, make it light, and keep it light-hearted. If you are planning with a consultancy service, make sure they know the actual purpose of a school excursion. Generally, these services arrange fun games, quizzes over the road for students. Arranging gifts for each student can make them have more fun.

Be Specific About the Spot

Even experienced teachers fail to arrange the right place for a school excursion. While choosing a place for an excursion, keep an eye on the educational value place possesses. It can be a museum with historical values, it can be a biological site like a zoo or bird sanctuary, or maybe a place with literary importance, for example, a place where famous people was born and their life is preserved in there. These are the specification you may follow.

Arranging Food and Transportation

First of all, as it is a long trip, transport booking needs to be safe and comforting for every student. A bus is a good option for transport. For food, instruct the catering service to keep it light and less spicy. If any student falls sick during the trip, it is the responsibility of the school. For a stable health condition for everyone, keeping the food light is recommendable.

The Bottom-line

Hope now you get a clear idea about how you can plan a school excursion with proficiency. If you feel the costing is too much for the trip, try to revisit the planning and find in spheres in which you can cut down the costing.



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