The Concept of Reverse Living and Residential Benefits – a Bird’s Eye View


Things change with time, and so do life and the living style. Nothing remains constant, and that has always been the rule of life. New concepts are introduced, discoveries are being made, and thus, in the wake of these findings, every facet of life has changed. Against this backdrop, even the very concept of constructing homes has seen a sea change. The older ideas of the construction industry have made way to newer and more scientifically viable concepts.

Take for instance the concept of passive living. The notion that originated in Scandinavia has taken the entire world by storm and has quite obviously hit the Australian shores. Passive living, which is also termed as upside down living or upper living, is based on a home design, which involves swapping of the living areas. In other words, the facilities that are traditionally located on the ground level are exchanged with those found on the upper level.

This new style of living has introduced a wide array of concepts that have changed the way people lead their lives. It ranges from the maximisation of the use of windows to enhance the outdoor view and a modified concept of privacy. It also involves changing the order of airflow within the rooms, and the way the natural light factor is dealt with. Now all these play an extremely vital role in the quality of life. Here are the details.

Maximising the Views

This new concept of planning, which is technically and rightfully termed as reverse living, gives you the chance of optimising the potential outside views from the interiors of the property. More so, if you are staying in a coastal region, or by a river or in parkland, this gives you a HUGE advantage.

Natural Lighting and Airflow

This new concept of upside down living gives a shot in the arm to the flow of air inside the rooms, making the interiors airier and hence healthy. Moreover, it has also transformed the way natural light is dealt with in the rooms.

Privacy for everyone

This is another added benefit of this new concept of living. In case of families that are frequently visited by friends and relatives, or the empty nesters whose homes are the favourite sojourns for their friends are immensely benefited from this plan by newly conceptualised the eminent energy-efficient homebuilders in Melbourne.  In fact, upside down living is based on creating shared zones that are perfectly placed to give every member of the family a secluded private zone.



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