The Criteria That Help You Become a Good Driving Instructor in NSW


If you are aspiring to be a quality driving instructor, you need to draw up your socks and follow and definite path. That said and done, there are specific criteria that you need to fulfil.

In fact, the requirements vary from one state to another. Naturally, in NSW things are no different either. In fact, the authorities, as well as the local schools that provide driving lessons, will be able to provide you with specific information on various fronts regarding this. These criteria generally involve the following aspects:


To be a driving instructor, you must at least attain a minimum age. As per the latest rules that prevail in NSW, the minimum permissible age to be a driving instructor is 21. However, for that, you need to provide valid proof of your age and identity.


This is another criteria that you need to fulfil to be eligible to become a driving instructor in NSW. As per the laws, to become a driving mentor, you need to crack the VET qualification. The subjects and other prerequisites will and may vary from one driving school to another.

You need to opt for a reputed as well as a seasoned institute of your choice to get the desired quality of training to pick up the profession that you are aspiring for.

Physical Examination and Vision

This is another critical parameter that you need to crack. The physical, as well as psychological assessment, will be conducted to ascertain whether you are mentally and physically fit enough pick up this profession.

Also, during the test, the vision is tested, as are your physical abilities, cognitive abilities, and emotional skills.

You need to keep in mind that every driving school in Parramatta pays optimal emphasis on this factor. If any change or loss of functionality in even a single physical parameter is noticed, or if you have any perpetual sickness or any injury that may affect your ability to respond to situations, that may be a hindrance in your way to obtain the driver’s license.

Then there are certainly other factors like background checks and driving records, if any, that are also checked before you are handed over the license to become a driving mentor.



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