The Dos and Don’ts Immediately after Eyebrow threading



Perfectly arched eyebrows are the biggest desire of a woman possibly because a well shaped pair of eyebrows can give them a redefined look. Do you love getting your eyebrows done? The idea of achieving a new and refreshing look may make you feel excited; but what if everything gets messed up because you simply forgot paying attention to the post-threading steps?

Although our idea is not to scare you, now that you are heading for the parlour to get your eyebrows shaped into beautiful little arches, the truth is you need to invest some time in treating the skin near the forehead and eyes, followed by a threading process. Leaving the area untreated for a while can further lead to acne breakouts. No one will ever want to look ugly after undergoing an eyebrow threading process.

If you really don’t want to look miserable followed by an eyebrow threading job get yourself familiar with these few guidelines. After all we all want to look happily beautiful post an eyebrow threading:

  • Splash your face with cold water to ease skin irritability post threading. The skin has already undergone huge trauma because of hair plucking. Pamper it with oodles of cold water so that you can minimise the redness.
  • If you have just had a threading done on your eyebrows, relax. Stay at the parlour for some time. Direct exposure to sunlight, right after a threading job may damage the skin to a great extent. Also, you should avoid taking steam or exposure to chlorinated water at least for a day. If you have a habit of enjoying a splash in the pool, stop. After threading the skin turns sensitive making it vulnerable to chemicals and heat. This can lead to inflammation and sunburn.
  • After undergoing a threading, women have a habit of constantly touching their forehead or the recently plucked area using fingertips. As a result of touching the bacteria or dirt from the finger tips get transferred to the skin which has now opened up causing break-outs or infection.
  • Even if there is a party in the next 24 hours remember to not apply makeup. Additionally you should refrain from applying night cream.
  • After threading you have to be careful so that you don’t accidentally undergo excessive drying which will leave the skin vulnerable.

Most women who look for “Threading Near Me” may sooner or later find their way into a luxurious parlour with a team of experts catering to skin and hair treatments. What they will not be told about are the Red flags mentioned here.

Follow the guidelines mentioned here to avoid unnecessary issues post threading.



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