The DO’s & DONT’s of Carpet Cleaning You Must Know


Having a decorated carpet installed at home is indeed exciting and overwhelming but keeping it in good shape for years is a challenging ordeal for any homeowner. Over time and use, carpet accumulates dirt, stains, oil and grime which turn into unsightly patches if left unattended for long. Carpet fabrics are delicate and require special care and attention during the steam cleaning. Incorrect use of cleaning equipment, toxic detergents and methods can seize the longevity of your carpet and call for a brand new replacement before the expected time. Hence, you must know the DO’s & DONT’s of carpet steam cleaning to avoid causing damage to your pricey masterpiece.

Do Remove Dust & Solid Particles First

The majority of homeowners start applying steam directly on carpet fibers and this, in turn, pushes dirt deep into the fabrics. Before taking the plunge of carpet steam cleaning in Launceston, you must remove solid particles, dust and debris to expedite the cleaning process. Allowing dirt to stick inside the fabrics can delay the job and you won’t get the desired result even after investing your time, effort and money.

To Adjust the Temperature of Steam

Steam cleaning is one of the effective methods of removing tough carpet stains, dirt and grime from the uppermost layers as well as the core of carpet fabrics. However, the temperature of steam plays a crucial role in this regard. High heat steam applied directly on the carpet can not only break the fibers but damage the lustrous shine and feel of your carpet for a lifetime. This is the reason why most people prefer hiring experts for residential carpet steam cleaning in Launceston who knows the accurate temperature of applying steam on fabrics and execute the task in a safe and efficient manner.

Do not Use Toxic Chemicals

Each carpet fabric is different and so is their cleaning requirement. It’s never too wise to apply harsh chemicals on carpet fabrics during residential carpet cleaning in Launceston as it may destroy the mushy feel and result in discolouration. Using toxic chemicals over stubborn stains can further degrade the quality of fibres and shorten the lifespan of your carpet. Therefore, it’s always wise to seek help from professionals who knows the proper techniques of steam cleaning and apply mild detergents to prevent any sort of damage to the fabrics.

Carpet steam cleaning isn’t a DIY job and requires professional intervention. Keep these pointers in mind even if you are undertaking the job of carpet steam cleaning at home to avoid causing damage to your decorative masterpiece.



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