The Duties and Responsibilities of Excavation Contractors


While the word excavation may remind you of unearthing and hauling jobs, excavators on the other hand offer a great deal of service. Their job scope goes beyond excavating sites. Other than hauling earth and dirt excavators play roles like preparing, grading and trenching the site. They can also be seen performing other duties related to soil. Besides, offering these services they are trained to operate various heavy-duty equipment for completion of a project.

Insights Into the Role Played by an Excavator

Site Preparation: an excavator takes up his role only after receiving feedback from the site surveying crew. When necessary the professional will run compaction tests on the soil to evaluate its firmness. This role is highly crucial as it helps pave way for the foundation of the construction. Upon determining the compaction level the contractor will then be able to remove the soil up till a desired level. Such digging not only requires strength but a person’s analytical skill is required as well to understand whether the excavation has levelled up to the grade, the surveying crew posted.

Contracting: An excavating contractor in Wollongong plays an integral role in a construction project. Even homeowners can appoint excavation contractors to help them with personal needs like digging a big swimming pool at a residential premise.  Though the excavation contractor may not watch over an entire project, he may still have to work under guidelines given by general contractors who are responsible for coordinating with various subcontractors involved in the project.

Moving Debris: a part of his job is to move the debris generated from a project. Considering the type of equipment he already owns, he may be licensed to perform other jobs like the following which also involve debris removal:

  • Building roads
  • Grading roads
  • Digging ponds
  • Digging sewers
  • Excavating ditches to fix or install water lines
  • Operating trenchers to install pipes
  • Creating terraced drainage

All mid or small size excavation contractor will either own an equipment or lease it. Some of the heavy-duty machines an excavating contractor in Albion Park, operates are as follows:

  • Front-end loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Backhoes
  • Compactors
  • Trenchers
  • Skid steers

Most of them may even own dump trucks that help with hauling of dirt and debris. Excavation jobs come in various scales and sizes. A responsible contractor needs to ensure that he delivers the project with precision.



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