The Primary Differences between Onsite and Offsite Bookkeeping


For most medium to small businesses, there is no need to hire a full-time bookkeeper and the part-time bookkeepers whom they hire usually do not stick for long. Precisely for this reason, most of these businesses get their work done by small accounting firms in Perth which provides customised services.

Predominantly, a bookkeeping firm will provide two kinds of services – offsite bookkeeping and onsite bookkeeping. So, let’s divulge into what each of these services are and what are its pros or cons.

When it comes to onsite bookkeeping, a bookkeeper will physically go to work in the business premise which is somewhat the same as the full-time bookkeeper that you hire. The bookkeeping firm which you hire will send a bookkeeper to the client’s office.

Needless to say, onsite bookkeeping has several advantageous, the most prominent of which is the fact that you will save money on hiring someone for only the days you need them for.

When you hire this kind of services, you will have the option of not sticking with the same bookkeeper if he/she is not working well for you. All you need to do is call the firm, and you will immediately have a different person working for you. This is not possible if you hire a permanent bookkeeper. Also, you don’t have to worry about any kinds of employee benefit because you will be paying directly to the bookkeeping firm and there will be no paycheck involved.

Needless to say, taxation and accounting rules are complex, and the chances are that most bookkeepers might not be aware of these rules completely. But if you hire onsite bookkeeping services in Perth WA, the bookkeepers can ask fellow professionals to solve such problems.

But that’s not to say that onsite bookkeeping is perfect; there are some disadvantageous too. For instance, such bookkeeping differs from one firm to another. Also, since these bookkeepers won’t be working full-time, you will need to undertake some work like collecting bills and invoices during the period the bookkeeper is going to work for you.

In offsite bookkeeping, on the other hand, the bookkeeper will not work in your office. Basically, in this scenario, the bookkeeper’s office is generally away from your business, and you will have to send your documents like bills, invoices, bank statements, etc. to the bookkeeping firm. The main advantage of this kind of bookkeeping is the fact that they are generally cheaper than their offsite counterparts. If you can’t afford to hire a bookkeeper, you should at least go for offsite bookkeeping services.



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