There is Always Water Under The Fridge Drawers – What Causes This?



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It is not only the bottom of your refrigerator where you will find water – something that always leaves you annoyed. Even the crisper drawers and the deli drawers would gather water underneath. Then there will be water on the ceiling of the refrigerator and in the vegetable bin as well.

At times, this may occur due to a straightforward issue that happens with the defrost drain tube, which you will be able to fix yourself. However, if there is a clog within the tube due to the presence of any foreign object, or if the tube is ruptured, this kind of problem may occur. In such cases, you have your job cut out. You need to summon a reasoned fridge repairing techie.

This may happen to the fridges from the best brands, including those from Fisher and Paykel. When that happens, you need to hire an authorised technician who is licensed and trained to carry out Fisher and Paykel Fridge repairs. The idea is to hire the best person to address the issue.

Cleaning defrost drain tube – a few tips

Firstly, you need to know what the defrost drain tube is? It is a part of the defrost cycle of the fridge. The main function of this tube is to drain the water out of the evaporator drip pan or tray. You will find the tube beneath the evaporator, on the drain tray in a compartment beside the compressor.

If you find that the drain tube or the evaporator drip pan is frozen, it may be a significant cause for the water to overflow into the fridge compartment.

All you need do is to defrost the tube and the pan to set things right once again. However, if you find no such issues and still there is water under the trays, in that case, it may be the case of a raptured or clogged tube, which can only be rectified by an authorised technician who offers fridge repair services. Make sure that the professional you op for, is a seasoned one.

When does water gather under vegetable tray?

As you know, the refrigerator drain tray is a component of the defrost cycle of the fridge. The water in the pan condenses and then evaporates from the fins of the evaporator.

The evaporated water then collects ton into the evaporator drip pan, which you will find beneath the evaporator. Subsequently, the water will run through the defrost drain pipe and then assemble into the drain tray in the compartment beside the compressor.

Now this drain tray at times can collect insects and mildew, which clog it, causing the water to accumulate under the vegetable bin.

Hence it needs to be cleaned, and if you are a resident of Potts Point, you need to hire a professional who will be able to offer fridge repairs in Potts Point. You can surely opt for straightening things yourself, but in order to get things straight correctly, you need to turn to a seasoned professional.



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