Things That You Need to Consider Before You Remove Chimney


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Removing chimney is definitely quite a bit of a task, and there is no room for any doubt whatsoever in this regard. However, by no means, it is an easy task. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you decide to bring down your chimney.

Here are some of the factors that you need to take into account before you start bringing down your old chimney.

Understanding the Two Most Critical Terms

There are two important terms that you need to understand. This is essential to decide on the adequate action that you need to take and to calculate the costs involved. While one of them is Breast, the other is Stack of the chimney.


The breast is the visible and the most critical part of a chimney. It is essentially a brick wall, which encases the flue as well as the other functional parts. It provides an extra insulation and a structural support to the entire structure.

However, the breast of a chimney at times protrudes into the wall(s) it runs through. Hence, in case you have planned to reclaim the space filled up by the breast, you need to remove the breast only. This will save you from entire chimney removal cost in Perth. it naturally saves time and money.


The stack is that part of the chimney that protrudes through the roof upwards, ending in a cap. This potion is quite prone to structural damages. Hence, you can simply go for removal or restructuring of that portion, instead of removing the entire chimney.

Think of the Artifacts

While bringing down the chimney, you might at times find artifacts left back by the previous builders. These may include dated or signed bricks, trinkets that have been collected by wild animals that had taken shelter in the flue, and the likes. All these may prove to be important aesthetically, historically or otherwise.

Economic Considerations

This is another pretty important factor that you need to consider while going for chimney removal. Consider the initial cost estimate from the companies that offer chimney removal service. Consult with them and work out the most feasible and economic plan that will help you reduce the total expenditure.

This is particularly applicable if you have an older house, with chimneys that add aesthetic value and get up of the house. In these cases, it is better to opt for a company that has chimney removal as well as wall building services in Perth.

In case you have to break a few age-old walls for removal of the chimney, this will ensure that the company is able to reconstruct them in the exact style. In this way, your house will not lose any of its aesthetic appearance and setup just because you had to remove and replace the chimney.

So you need to take in these factors into consideration before you opt to remove chimney – a move that is often instigated by different reasons.



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