Things to Remember Before Load Bearing Wall Removal


It’s Christmas Time round the corner yet again! There’s an aura of festivity all around, and with every passing day, it’s picking up the air! We are just past Halloween, and it’s high time to pick up the preparations for Christmas and the new year!

If you have decided to change the look and feel of your home and have opted for a full-scale renovation including altering the load-bearing wall, you have taken a big leap. It has to be done quickly… you, after all, have just a month or over it in hand! You must know the following points before you proceed!

No DIY stuff applies in the removal of a load-bearing wall

This is the first point that you need to remember. You will not be allowed to do it yourself. Hence, you have to hire a reputed company that is specialised in wall removal in Perth as in any other place.

Also, it is important to make sure the company you hire is authorised and licensed to remove the load-bearing walls.

You will need a permission

Even if you hire a professional, you cannot remove a load-bearing wall just like anything. You need to obtain the permission of the authorities before you get on with it. However, before you are granted permission, you will be visited by inspectors who will have the first-hand inspection of the configuration of your property and what you are planning to do.

Replacing the removed wall

Strictly speaking, it is something that the professionals need to know more than you. Still, a piece of knowledge in this will help you to understand what is being done and why.

When the contractor removes the load-bearing wall, they will replace it with a beam of a size that depends upon the dimension of the wall removed. Or they can use a beam and post.

If they use only the beam, it does not have any vertical bearing points other than at two ends. In case the experts who are into load bearing wall removal in Perth use beam and the posts, the beam would come along with intermediate posts in between them.

Minding the height

In most of the instances, the replacement beam will be at the lower height than that of the ceiling. The reason being, the structure of the floor itself rests ideally on the top of that beam.

Again, to make sure the beam flushes with the ceiling, the floor joists are scrapped, and the shaft is set into the floor plane. Then the joist ends are hung from the two edges of the beam with the help of joist hangers made up of metal.

If these are the primary points to keep in mind, the secondary points include posting intermediate posts to make the project cleaner and taking care of the beam sizing.

So you see, when the company that you have hired maintain all these, you know your home is at the safest hand, and your home will get a face lifting before this Christmas and new year celebrations!



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