Timber Retaining Walls: Why You Should or Should Not Install It


Installing a retaining wall can be a considerable physical and financial investment. If you have some background information that could alleviate some of the pain when you are out finding the best retaining wall that goes with your unique personality needs, you would be more confident jumping into the project. The two most common materials found in the retaining wall segment are timber and wood. While timber is more cheap and easy to install than concrete or brick, a concrete retaining wall could take up huge chunks of your money during installation and needs professional assistance to fix it.

Timber Retaining Wall

Timber as retaining wall material is more common due to its simplicity, availability and lower cost. Wood blends into the rest of the landscape far more quickly than concrete and are therefore more desirable. The timer can be stained with dye to resemble the colours already prevalent in your yard. Timber retaining walls Brisbane can be one foot tall, to begin with, and rise from there.

The Pros

  • Low expenditure: wood is a cheaper material than concrete
  • Adds a natural appeal: Wood is a natural element that blends with the rest of the ambience of your yard and gives it a neutral and natural look
  • Offers flexibility: You can style timber to have a subtle or an edgy appearance – while subtlety works better in terms of flexibility, an edgy makeover gives your garden an eccentric look.
  • Easy to install: As only a few tools and necessary material are needed in the process of installation, you could easily opt to do it yourself.

The Cons

  • Timber is prone to rotting: If you fail to take proper care, the material of your retaining wall could spoil, making you re-invest in the project sooner than anticipated.
  • Not too strong: Timber is ideal for smaller plants but not good enough for large, more substantial projects. If you plant the seed of a big tree, your wall can be weighed down by its heaviness.
  • Needs proper maintenance: You can make wood last longer, but that would require round-the-clock support on your part. You need to add preservatives as well as make it waterproof. The timber structure needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain the integrity of the wall.

If you want to go to the direction of timber, keep the pros and cons in mind before making a decision. However, if you want a concrete variant, there are professionals designing and installing concrete sleeper retaining walls in Brisbane. You should consult them for a comprehensive solution to your retaining wall project.



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