Tips for Landscaping in Summer to Add Beauty to Your Garden


Having a garden without the lawn grass adequately mowed or unwanted weeds poking beside the gorgeous flower plants look like a ball of clay without any artwork done. That is the reason gardening and landscaping are the two interconnected things. For a small yard garden, it may seem to be a DIY work, but for commercial zones and residential gardens, it is a job for professionals only.

Now, as the summer has arrived in Australia, you need to give special attention to your garden. And, that is why it is the best time for landscaping if you consider the recommendations provided by the experts. So, it’s worth a shot this time.

Here are some valid tips that you can put to use to make your idea of summer garden landscaping work.

  • Choose the Right Professional

That’s your first task. You are required to choose the right professional landscaper in Gold Coast for the job. They must be trained, experienced and truly professional. You can ask them to show some proof of their previous work as well.

As it is a peak season, heaps of discount price information may be available for you. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, you have to be a little careful in choosing any company just by its price tag. Take time to research and then make the right choice.

  • Don’t Go for Scalping your Lawn

Well, of course, you want your garden landscape to turn a bit greener than before and well mowed down too. However, people make a huge mistake in this. Before they call up the professionals to get started with the work, they go for extra mowing and literally the soil scalp is exposed.

This will turn your yard like a dog’s breakfast, especially, if you decide to do it in summer. The drought tolerance will turn almost zero; you will get a patchier growth and also have shallow root structure. The results will be highly disappointing indeed!

  • Choose the Drought-tolerant Plants for Summer

As per the horticulture specialists in Gold Coast, if you want to get a green and beautiful landscape giving you the bright visual at all times, go for drought-tolerant plants for this summer.

In this season, you ought to water the plants deeply, but for these specific plants, you just need to keep the soil a bit moist. Also, these plants stay well in low maintenance.

These basic rules are meant to be followed. Have a proper discussion with your landscaper on this, and you will get the result as expected.



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