Tips that Make Pebblecrete Swimming Pool Renovations Easier and Perfect


Taking care of Pebblecrete swimming pool is not different from taking care of other types of pools. Yet there are a few steps that the experts take to make sure that the renovation is seamless and perfect.

Here on this page, we discuss a few tips that will make pebblecrete swimming pool renovation in Gold Coast and other parts of Australia picture perfect. 

Draining out the water completely 

In case the pool has significant stains, it will be practically impossible to have them removed without draining the water out completely. 

This is the reason when it comes to renovating the pebblecrete pools, it is best to drain out all the water from the pool at the very start of the swimming season or just when the weather starts getting cold. 

While draining the water out, the pros would follow specific procedures to make sure all the water drains out. Depending upon the dimension of the pool, it may take up to 12 hours to almost an entire day for the pool to empty out. 

Breaking out the Pool Cleaner/Liquid Chlorine

Once all the water has drained out, it is time to take care of the stains. The minor and superficial stains can be seen off with the help of the elbow grease, some pool cleaning agent, liquid chlorine detergent and a garden hose. 

However, for the more prominent and stubborn stains, you need to summon the professionals who will use appropriate cleaning agents to get rid of various types of algae, marks of moss, and other eyesores from the pool. While these pros would know the right way to have them removed, they will also wear protective gears while conducting the cleaning.  

While carrying out the cleaning, they would use large, bristled brushes to rub the stained areas with the cleaning agents into the pebblecrete, and have the stains removed. They would repeat this process multiple times, depending upon the extent of stains and have them removed. 

They Would use Pressure Washer

At times, if and when the stains are too stubborn, using these methods may take ages. They would use a pressure washer to not only speed up the cleaning process, but for ensuring better results. 

In this respect, it must be mentioned here that pressure washing is a specialists’ job and only and only the professionals should use it, if they find it necessary. It is not at all a very safe DIY step. 

Acid Washing for the Black Stains 

When it comes to taking care of the black and more significant stains, they will resort to acid washing. The Muriatic or Citric Acid used eats away the external layer of the pebblecrete plaster. 

The acid gets into the porous pebblecrete structure, and destroy the algae, which cannot be seen off by simple pressure washing. 

So you see, when it comes to renovation of pebblecrete swimming pool in Gold Coast, the pros take definite steps for the best results.



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