Tips To Child-Proof Your New Kitchen Renovation.


The post explains some tips to child-proof your new kitchen renovation without overspending. Each aspect is put lucidly for the reader’s knowledge.

One important yet regularly ignored aspect of kitchen redesigning is child-proofing. It is a wonderful way to prevent kids from reaching sharp knives (or other potentially dangerous items) lurking in the kitchen.Furthermore, a child-friendly kitchen design proves to be more forgiving on those little kids who crawl inside the kitchen and accidentally bump their heads against corners.So, if you were planning for a kitchen renovation soon, then here are some child-proofing designs to think of.

Let’s start.

Opt For Round-Countertop Slab Edge Detailing:-

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting a proper countertop slab edge detail. So take help from reputed renovation experts about the right option to go for.

Ideally, opting for a round edge countertop slab will prove more forgiving for those little heads if it bumps against them. But other than this; you can also check out other various countertop slab details best suited to your ideal kitchen renovation.

Go For Touch-Free Faucets:-

Little kids have a pesky little habit of turning faucets on and off. This can be a big risk, particularly when you have a hot water faucet alongside the cold water one. You don’t want them to turn on the hot water faucet and get burns accidentally.

You can go for touch-free faucets which can be pre-set to a safe ‘Start-temperature’ and changed once the faucet is turned on and running. Speak to your trusted renovation specialist today about including this in the remodelling ‘to-do-list.’

Always Go For Easy To Clean, Upkeep & Hygienic Options:-

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of kid-proofing your kitchen. Little kids tend to drop, splatter and smush- and they will never tell you about it.

So, the onus falls on you to clean the mess every time and even remove objects that could hurt your little ones. So, discuss with your kitchen renovation specialist about adding Corian and Quartz as countertop options. They are, after all- indestructible, easy to clean and are very hygienic for families having little children around.

Look To Baby-Gate The Kitchen Gallery:-

You can speak to your kitchen renovation experts serving Central Coast to adopt a more gallery kitchen design. The thing about such designs is that there are only one or two ways of getting in and out.

With such designs; you can prevent your little angels from coming in and going as they please. However, when going for a baby-gate kitchen gallery, go a tad higher as your little ones may surprise you with the climbing skills.And though it would be one of the proudest moment of your life; it may turn into a nightmare seeing them getting hurt immediately after.

These are some budget-friendly kitchens with proper childproofing that you should look to implement with your renovation expert.

Other Kitchen Child-Proofing Tips:-

It is always better to be Safe than Sorry. And keeping true to this cliched saying,keep dangerous items far away from your little ones. This implies sharp knives, small appliances, and the rest of those potentially dangerous objects inside designated storage spots. Remember to lock them up when you are not around to be extra safe.
Switch out the toxins and toxic cleaners so that they don’t become a threat. Replace them with eco-friendly cleaners. Furthermore, always keep a ready-made solution of vinegar and water to wipe countertops or table surfaces regularly.
Also, keep away those fragile items that shatter into many pieces. The last thing you want as a parent is to find your little munchkin getting injured by shards of glass.

Now that you are aware of these details, it is time to put these ideas to the test. However, be ready to invest some extra time in finding a proper specialist who knows how to achieve cheap kitchens in Central Coast without compromising its quality aspect.



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